The Nest, The Prodigy, After This Our Exile



holy motherfucker.. what a find… not a classic.. but a really nice
find. Guys, rent this right away. It is a French loose remake of
“Assault on Precinct 13.” Beautifully shot… looks like classic
Hollywood flics from the 70’s ala Frankenheimer. Cool action. Very
suspenseful. Like Precinct, there is a coincidence written in to the
plot line that seems very forced …. instead of the attack happening
the same night that the Precinct is closing and they have a bad ass
fugitive in a cell… this film has a robbery happening the same
night that some special forces have to take refuge with a mob boss
when the attack takes place.
Some reviewer on Amazon got it right when they said this film has
elements of Assault, Aliens and

Sami is a huge star over in France and I appreciated that the writers
basically make him incompasitaded one third in to the film… almost
like in when they killed off Segal. This is a great action film that
deserves to be seen. The DVD has the English dubbed version so
please go in the set-up section and watch the French language version.

The Prodigy
I heard some minor buzz.. very minor buzz about this indie film. The filmmakers could have made a very sell-able direct to DVD film with just some minor adjustments. Instead, we’re left with an indie that isn’t commercial enough to be mainstream or arty enough to be an art film. Three things that i wish their producer insisted on…. cut down the fucking running time!!!!! 2) Hire at least one washed up actor..c’mon even William Katt would do!!!! 3) please get some fuckin pussy in there…. c’mon..just one attractive woman to look at…. this is a cock fest!!!!

After this our Exile