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  1. BURNT says:

    AWESOME!!!  CONGRATULATIONS!  I’ll be there!!

  2. junky says:

    Take ME out – to this movie!!!!  wink So awesome, congrats congrats congrats – so awesome to see such initiative and hard work pay off.  Very inspiring and a much deserved success.

  3. cybergosh says:

    I can’t wait.  This is gonna be so awesome.  Really really cool.  Umm – i’m so gonna get the #73.  The Tofu with Broccoli…wait – no no no – shrimp with lobster sauce is what i want.  That’s totally what i want.  And edamame.  Will there be edamame? 

    Wait, we are talking about eating, right?

  4. bake snaker says:

    edamame is Japanese you ignorant whitie

  5. cybergosh says:

    oh – so we are talking about food! ok good.  then let’s get nachos too.

  6. Eros Welker says:

    I read about this first on the Movieblog in a wonderful story with exclusive quotes by the director! Unfortunately, I’ll miss this premiere, but I hear another Bake film is appearing on the opposite coast, hmmm hmmm?

    Ya know, I never actually read stories on Variety, just reading stuff of people citing them, so in reading it, I realized why I don’t like it.  It’s like saying that something “premiered” would take too long so it “preemed” and you can’t talk about “audiences”, it has to be “auds.”

    Dios mio!