Daily Archive: March 13, 2008


The newest Wilson Yip/Donnie Yen actioner gets its American theatrical release today….. Bake Snaker’s the first to see it…

New Muppet Movie?

Disney has enlisted scribe-thesp Jason Segel and helmer Nick Stoller to create the next Muppet movie for the studio. Segel and Stoller will write...

Dirty Pictures

Christians. The more they try to be puritan, the more they come off creepy. Thanks to Warrentape for this one… Dirty Pictures – Creepy...

HULKing Menace

I like it… but I also liked Ang Lee’s Hulk. Of course, this will bomb as well. Watch the trailer: http://www.mtv.com/overdrive/?id=1583143&vid=215625

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