Have You Already Seen This?


Saw it at USA Today. It’s new to me.


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  1. Cybergosh says:

    What the fuck!!!!!!

    Hmmm….you saw it IN usa today or AT usa today?  As in, their offices or some such?  I’m finding it hard to believe this is a final version…looks like a mock up a final design.  Wild.  Thanks for posting this – i need to know more !!!

  2. Cybergosh says:

    Well, i guess according to AICN this is the final one sheet.  I’m a bit upset. It looks lazy around the edges.  Progress used to always test mock up one sheets, and they’d always be close to what we would finally see, but with images or expressions that would later be modified.  Like Karen Allen and Shia on this.  They don’t look the way they should to me.  Indy looks cool.  Beowulf doesn’t look like he should either.  Expression-wise, i mean.  I like Spalko and i like the snake coming out to get him.  I think.  DO i like the snake?  I always like the snakes.  “Reggie” was the first Snake on a Plane, after all.  OK.  I will learn to accept this final Crystal Skull one sheet.  That’s what i will do today.

  3. Cybergosh says:

    I dunno – indy running looks so photoshopped stuck in there…and not even struzened enough!

    What the hell is up with the Marion SearsFamilyPhotoPortrait?!?!?  It should be a super cool action shot of her…or at least her screaming in the jeep chase! 

    OK, day is not over yet…i’m just working on accepting this, and liking this.  That’s my job today.

  4. Eros Welker says:

    Would love to see it printed.  I agree with your comments, but whatcha gonna do?  Wish the motorcycle wasn’t so passive and there was some sort of action shot on the poster other than the recycling from The Fugitive.

  5. Fat Ass says:

    Karen Allen looks gorgeous, but the thing is, that pose doesn’t look at all to me like her tough as nails character. The only time Marion from Raiders would smile like that is if she were holding a knife behind her back. I sure as hell hope they wrote her properly. I’ll be so pissed if they pussied her up.

    This poster reminds me of the lazy-ass prequel posters which were immediately forgotten the minute the movies came out. They haven’t stood the test of time, they’re not any kind of indellible image the way the classic posters were and they were even jettisoned for the DVD releases. Simply put, they sucked a cancerous testicle, and I don’t think this is much better.

    I don’t even think this was painted, quite frankly. I think it was entirely photoshopped. Why would you paint someone sitting on a motorcycle so passively?

    Don’t accept it, Goshy. Rage against the crapism. We’re adult consumers now, and artists ourselves, and we have it give it a name when we’re sold lazy-ass bullshit and told to call it part of a classic.

    Indy looks awesome, though. Great choice of an image to photoshop.

  6. junky says:


    …what?  It’s not a game? 

    Well it looks like a kick-ass novel then.


    …So what is it, then?  RPG source book, maybe?

    …A what? 

    A movie?  C’mon, you’re kidding.

    …You’re not kidding.

    In short, yeah – at least Drew did it, but just like with his work on the star wars prequels, these are a parody of his former glory.  Not a bad poster, nothing wrong with it.  Not a good poster, nothing right with it.  The writing is literally on the wall, folks.  Get ready for the best just okay most awesome not as good as you’d hoped but still totally fun ride of the year!

  7. cybergosh says:

    Too late!  I woke up today, looked at it again…and liked it!  This is a fucking new Indy movie with a scary scary otherworldy skull!!  And it’s STILL in the STYLE of the classic posters!  In this day and age, when studios seem happy slapping a giant close up of the star against some pastel background…this is refreshing.  I agree about Marion…she better be bad ass and not all screamy-scream.

    I’m surprised there are no line-up’s being formed for this.  I would give anything to sleep outside my dumpster on hollywood blvd again.  Those were the days.  Oh shit – i think that parking lot beside the Chinese doesn’t even exist anymore.

    Oh well.

    This better be at the Ziegfeld.  There honestly aren’t any other screens i would see this on in NYC.