Bourne Today, Extinct Tomorrow


It’s movies like The Bourne Ultimatum and Resident Evil: Extinction that remind me why I go to see movies like 10,000 B.C. in the theater. As much as Bourne looked great on HD-DVD and Resident Evil was wonderful in Blu-ray, I wish I saw them both in theaters. No risk, no reward. It’s great to see these two movies, both the third act of larger saga, stay so faithful to their roots. Kudos to them both!

The Bourne Ultimatum

Despite Greengrass being the prick that didn’t cast my friend, Adam, ya gotta hand it to the guy, he knows how to deliver a tense, inventive action thriller. Damon’s awesome, and never stops moving, and the whole movie flies by like an episode of 24 on crack. Love love love the Ultimatum, so much better than Supremacy (which I didn’t love), and anxiously look forward to the next and more installments of this franchise. There’s so many ways to go, and I just hope it goes on forever.

Resident Evil: Extinction

Say what you will about the W.S., but the man has drive. While he only penned the latest installment (our old friend, Russell Mulcahy directs), it’s still wonderful. I dug the first RE, but found the second one to be a little too messy (even though it paid a lot of respect to its video game predecessor). This one feels great, very in spirit with all the films, and Milla’s both beautiful and awesome in some fun action sequences. Sure, there’s some problems here and there, but I found it to be a better zombie flick than 28 Weeks Later. Zombie crows, lots of kicking, and the introduction of our old nemesis, Wesker, make this a good ole time for Resident Evil fans.