…Unfortunately, since CB4. Well, Okay – that’s not true. To be fair, the actual creature CJ7 is extremely awesome. The movie itself is the big problem here…

The first half hour of this, i was thinking i would come home and type that this was the best movie of the year so far. All the set up was great. The film was doing everything right. Creating characters that i really cared about and was interested in seeing where they’d go from there once the little creature showed up. And that’s where the movie goes awry. NOT because CJ is annoying. No No No. He is everything you want him to be. It’s just that these characters all act so juvenile, dumb and downright nasty to the poor little guy…without reason – just for lowest common denominator Steven Chow type Hong Kongy cartoony laughs…it was impossible not to tune out. Which is really sad because there are fleeting moments of magic…but then again, intercut with nonsense. And it’s all there. Everything is set up in that first act for this to play out as a magical 80’s style awesome with an eastern twist. What a fucking let down. This could have been the new Mac and Me but instead just winds up being the next Supersize Me, which is to say, very Spurlocky. This awesome little alien deserves a better movie.

By Cybergosh

Fancy Gentleman.