the most incredible album ever


So I’m ebaying alot of my old cd’s. Years ago, my mom thought that I would just LOVE the Des’ree disc cause that “I Ain’t Moving” song is just so damn inspirational. Needless to say it sat on my shelf for 12 years. That didn’t keep me from declaring it the “most incredible album ever” in order to sell it on Ebay. I received this message this morning.


No Responses

  1. cybergosh says:

    That’s wack !!

    What is the snaker gonna do ?

    Ignore?  Give the refund ?  The suspense !!!

  2. junky says:

    LOL, this is hilarious.  If it were amazon, you’d have to give the refund.  I say you write back and tell him that his email made you choke on a burrito and crap your pants, so you’re gonna charge him for the cleaning of your soiled pants plus emotional damages, which miraculously comes to the same amount of money.

    Tell him it was the most incredible burrito ever.