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I love “First Blood.” I think it is one of the best films of the
80’s. When I saw Rambo in 8th grade, although I had fun watching it,
I knew it was a piece of shit. Rambo III comes out when I’m a junior
in high school… by that time I was well aware that this was even a
bigger piece of shit. Now, 20 years later, I went to “Rambo”…. had
fun watching it with my friends…. but guess what… he made another
piece of shit. This film is much better than the last two simply
because the last battle sequence is truly amazing in its choreography
and grand scale. The rest is exactly what you think..bad acting,
bad writing, lots of violence.

The Osterman Weekend

Some people say “Convoy” is Pechinpaw’s worst film. I say it is this steaming pile of waste. My god, what were they thinking? Truly moronic. See it if you want a laugh.
I won’t even go in to details…already wasted enough time with this film… however I want to point out one of my biggest gripes in filmmaking… that this film is guilty of to the nth degree… I HATE WHEN FILMS SHOW SURVEILLANCE/HIDDEN CAM FOOTAGE THAT FOR SOME REASON HAS DIFFERENT ANGLES, CLOSE-UPS AND DRAMATIC CUTS. Especially when they use shots that we’ve already seen… suddenly these 35mm lensed shots, probably pulled from printed film dailies, dust, scratches and all, are supposed to be believed as video footage just because the characters are watching it on a monitor. This happens over and over again in “The Osterman Weekend.” On top of that, this surveillance footage has crisp clean audio, in which every character seems to be mic’ed. I hate this film.


Have to agree with Cybergosh on this one. So mediocre. Would have
been cool if it came out 20 years ago. If anyone ever wants to read
an amazing story about teleportation – read Stephen King’s “The
Jaunt.” It’s in Skeleton Crew. One of the best short stories I’ve
ever read. Anyway, what i did like about this film is that it is nice
and short…round 88minutes. The OC girl does nothing for me.

See also  No Country For Regis Philbin


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  1. Eros Welker says:

    I read the book and kinda dug it.  Supposedly it’s a series, there’s a 2nd one out now and a new one in the works, I believe. 

    I’ll see this movie, I have to see this movie, and the Diary, and the Vantage… ohhhh