The Eye (remake)

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You are all aware of my dislike of the Pang Brothers… yet I
continually support them… even the remakes based on their films.
Here it goes again. I actually like the original “The Eye” so that
combined with Alba made this a must see in my book.

It sucks. Boring and forgettable. Didn’t even have the creepy, florescent green tones
of the original. Garbage.

Anyway… I went expecting some skin..just a hint…and there is a
shower scene….however… IT’S A BODY DOUBLE!!!!!!!! That’s an
insult. And did anyone see Alba on Letterman recently? She is
ruined. She has no right to go and get knocked up.. I find that
disgusting and selfish. Why couldn’t she just adopt? In my book, one
of the hottest creatures in the world is now dead. In memoriam, I
present this:
and this…..