The Eye (remake)

You are all aware of my dislike of the Pang Brothers… yet I
continually support them… even the remakes based on their films.
Here it goes again. I actually like the original “The Eye” so that
combined with Alba made this a must see in my book.

It sucks. Boring and forgettable. Didn’t even have the creepy, florescent green tones
of the original. Garbage.

Anyway… I went expecting some skin..just a hint…and there is a
shower scene….however… IT’S A BODY DOUBLE!!!!!!!! That’s an
insult. And did anyone see Alba on Letterman recently? She is
ruined. She has no right to go and get knocked up.. I find that
disgusting and selfish. Why couldn’t she just adopt? In my book, one
of the hottest creatures in the world is now dead. In memoriam, I
present this:
and this…..

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No Responses to “The Eye (remake)”

  1. MAO says:

    I knew this movie was going to be stupid laced with retard when I saw they gave away one of the most interesting twists in the trailer. (reflection/photo part) I guess its sweet that they want everyone to enjoy these films, so they dumb them down to the point even coma victims can follow along.  My brother on life support sure does appreciate a nice Asian horror remake to go with his staring at the ceiling and squeezing my hand once in a while. 

    How much does it burn that Jessica’s been tainted by a dude name “Cash?” “Cash?” Seriously Jessica?  Were you trying to keep it real with this pendejo?  You shouldn’t have bothered, the only street cred you need has a blanket on it with bootleg DVDs, as fans who think its cool your baby’s daddy is named “Cash” are NOT paying $11.50 for your movies.  You should’ve stuck with that nice Paul Walker.

  2. bake snaker says:

    i like mao

  3. junky says:

    Agreed.  This is how diablo cody got started only methinks Mao could write figure-eights around her.  Star yer own blog, Mao.


  4. MAO says:

    aww thanks.  I’ll tell you this, if I had my own blog I’d headline today with Hayden Christensen Is An Ungrateful Little Bitch…he’s mouthing off in some magazine, Details or Esquire, one of those men’s magazines for men who like men…like that…anyway, according to Hayden:

    “ It wasn’t necessarily anything you could feel good about creatively, as far as “This is why I became an actor.” It’s not why you become an actor, to do stuff like [Star Wars].”

    Gotcha.  I’m glad he’s been freed from the Force so he can bring his skills to the creative juggernaut that is Jumper.  He and Sam Jackson met at the craft service table that first day and exchanged a knowing look – no more Jedis and Siths.  WE ARE NOW JUMPERS AND PALADINS.  Let the acting begin…