This is a Must See!!!!! Think Train Spotting with a more sophisticated aesthetic…..

New Belgian film by Koen Mortier, who has only made shorts up to now. I don’t know if I’m in love with the story but dear god…. some of the wildest, most inventive direction I’ve seen in awhile. Very grim… you could say nihilistic. Expect alot of violence, sex, drugs, infanticide, rape, severed cocks, etc, etc. But not in a Troma way…. this film played at Toronto, Karlovy Vary and more. Similar style to Ulrich Seidl or Lukas Moodysson.. which explains why I was drawn to it…. that gritty Eastern Euro look that I love.

Art direction is amazing. Opening sequence is one of the most memorable in years. Cinematography by Glynn Speeckaert is outstanding. Lots of flos and enhanced natural lighting. Glynn Speeckaert is shooting the next Scorpion King film…. so it seems Hollywood has recognized him for this.

Anyway, it’s playing at Lincoln Center as part of the Film Comment Selects program…or you can always ring me for the copy I found on the streets of Shanghai.