Bono Vs. Hannah

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U23D in IMAX is a must for anyone who has ever liked them. Even Better Than The Real Thing.

As for Hannah Montana…shut up. Just – just shut up. I did not know her music and i have never watched her show. Mainly because she’s ugly. But that didn’t matter. Because this, on opening night at the Ziegfeld in Disney Digital 3D would surly provide the biggest screams since Episode III.

This indeed happened. And i also learned some stuff:

-Little girls love to argue if she is better as Hannah or as Miley (i feel that while “hannah” may be more likable, they are both equally as grating to the eyes and ears.
– Boys like her too. And love to jump off movie theater seats and run up and down the aisles more than girls, who are content to just scream.
– The Jonas Brothers are even more popular than Hannah and earn the highest screams of the 80 minute experience.
– Kenny Ortega is fun to watch in 3D.
– Billy Ray Cyrus is NOT.
– It doesn’t really matter what i think or what you think or what anyone thinks. Kids have a new icon and Disney has a new income and i suppose that’s a good thing no matter how off-putting they are to us blokes.

Off-putting Face:

Off-putting Bump:

Oh – hey let’s see what Johnsy thinks…