HD-DVD Loses a Battle, Remains in HD War


UPDATE: Universal’s HD-DVD exclusivity has ended, taking another HD-DVD advantage away.

To date, Warner Bros. has been publishing both HD-DVD and Blu-ray discs
(and in some cases, like with 300, a superior HD-DVD to Blu-ray
product). Now things have shifted:

“On the eve of the CES, Warner Bros. delivered what may turn out to
be the decisive blow against the HD DVD format. The studio, one of the
largest publisher of DVDs in Hollywood, announced it will back the rival
Sony-developed Blu-ray format exclusively from June 1, 2008, placing
five of the top seven studios in the consortium’s camp. The announcement
put the Toshiba/Microsoft/Intel HD DVD group into retreat mode heading
into the tech world’s biggest confab. Toshiba cancelled a press event it
had scheduled for last night and claimed to be “quite surprised” by the

Ut oh… HD-DVD is in trouble. Glad I picked up both!

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  1. Saviorite says:

    I was surprised by this, especially since WB came out with the first HD-DVDs, created the inital promotion for HD-DVDs and even released the Matrix Trilogy on HD-DVD – NOT Blu-Ray due to its technical limitations.

    Makes me wonder how much $$$ WB got to do this do the “benefit of the consumer.”

  2. DougGold says:

    Looks like the blu-ray player in my otherwise-useless PS3 just got more valuable…

  3. cybergosh says:

    good – the sooner we can lock in blu ray the sooner ill get my ps3 and be back playing my kingdom hearts.