2007: The List Is Life!!

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The bestest, most enjoyable experiences of 2007.

Actually, come to think of it, ALL of the film experiences of ’07,
which was quite a fantastically fun year at the movies for me….

Welcome, friend.

Allow me to share with you my personal view of the last twelve months at the movies. During which time i attended 138 films in 52 weeks.

It may not be as many as the old days, but it’s still enough to have caused a few days delay in sorting through them all to create this list.

Let’s begin with The Good and work our way down to The Bad.

And we shall begin with the very greatest film…

Sweeney Todd

(Experiencing a film does not get more satisfying than this for me. Better every time I see it, it is up there with my all-time favorites)

Closely followed by The Five-Way-Tie…

Enchanted / Ratatouille / Hairspray /
The Darjeeling Limited / The Order of the Phoenix

(Each of these is so amazing to me…not only do i not know how they came to exist but i am unclear how i do anything else other than watch them non-stop. They bring me chills, joy and make me feel the way i like.)

The Four-Way-Tie After That…

Hot Fuzz / Blades of Glory / Beowulf / Grindhouse: Planet Terror

(If i were to buy three copies of each of the above six films, i would buy two of each of these. For no reason other than they deserve my money THAT much.)

Awesomeness ahead. So great when great movies enter your eyes, ears and mind.
I will own all of these on DVD and watch over and over…

28 Weeks Later
Bridge to Teribithia
The Last Mimzy
Eagle Vs. Shark
Music & Lyrics

These were great nights at the movies. Really good. And i will most likely buy these on DVD. But there is less of a desire to watch again right now…

I Am Legend (would be higher if not for a few probs i had with the third act)
The Brothers Solomon (this made me laugh more than most other comedies this year with the exception of Blades of Glory. Too bad i was the only one)
At World’s End (I think it to be the best of the three, yet, why am i in no rush to watch it again?)
Ocean’s Thirteen (good to have everyone back in form)
Black Snake Moan (i wish more people saw this)
Norbit (after 11 months, still trying to figure out what i saw)
The King of Kong: A fistful of quarters

Very Cool. Will most likely buy these on DVD, but in less of a rush to watch them again. That does not make them any less awesome though.
Just a little less repeatability:…

The Orphanage (this might even move up this list a bit after i see it again and digest it more)
The Water Horse (much better than the trailer would have you believe)
Mr Margorium’s Wonder Emporium (someone give that sock monkey a hug!)
Southland Tales (how can people not have seen this?!)
Reign Over Me (Sandler’s best acting since Punch Drunk)
There Will Be Blood (like it…but not as much as i wanted to. perhaps this will grow on me…)

Now here we have films i really enjoyed while watching them. Very fun experiences. But, for one reason or another, i’m not compelled to buy them on dvd right away)…

Spider-Man 3 (ok – fine – i bought this on dvd. but only to complete the trilogy on my shelf. there are parts i love, but overall, it’s so hit and miss it slipped down my list a lot this year)
The Host
Miss Potter
The Bourne Ultimatum
no country for old men
The Hoax
The Reaping
the brave one
Paris Je T’Aime
the mist

This is the bottom group of the films i “liked” —
each of these had issues and flaws that got in the way of loving them…

The Ten (it’s got laughs, but it’s no “wet hot”)
Martian child
youth without youth (i can’t look at tim roth the same now)
underdog (warburton rules)
superbad (funny, but i’m not sure i think it as much as everyone else)
Next (multiple cages!)
DOA (devon aoki dubbed again! eric roberts! vollyball!)
Daywatch (this saga is cool but i have no idea what is going on)
TMNT (where is feldman when you need him!?)
the golden compass (liked it while i watched it, then gone from my mind the moment it was over)
1408 (sam’s line about the room being evil puts this on the map)
sicko (no flaws, i actually liked it – but it’s not like i’d watch it again)
I now pronounce you chuck & larry (a few moments of funny puts saves this from me not liking it at all)
king of California (i love Douglas when he’s crazy)
Arthur & the Minimoys (how come i don’t like this more?)


And now for the disappointments of 2006…

Glad i saw them, but ultimately not all I had hoped for.
I probably won’t ever watch these again, but there is a lot worse out there than these…

Black Sheep (thought this would be number one on my faves list this year, and, despite many great moments, not enough of those to really ever make me want to watch it again. glad i saw it though. bahhh!)
Live Free or Die Hard
national treasure: book of secrets
30 days of night
shoot ’em up
American gangster
romance & cigarettes
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
Angel A
walk hard
across the universe

This category is where things start getting a bit frustrating…

the heartbreak kid
resident evil: apocalypse
the invasion
meet the Robinsons
(elfman’s score was great though!)
eastern promises
Grindhouse: Death Proof
(kurt is great…it’s nice to have him back…but those girls…ugg.)
mulberry street
(a few very inspired moments due to some good casting, but i kept wanting more)
lions for lambs

And this is where I just start getting stressed out and angry.
Why didn’t I just walk out?!…

rocket science
smokin aces
The Simpsons Movie 🙁
the abandoned
the number 23
firehouse dog
Sydney white

And finally, the films I just could not deal with. These caused me quite a bit of stress and heartburn…

dead silence
ghost rider
alpha dog
the signal
I think I love my wife
epic movie
bee movie


Sweeney Todd – 6
Enchanted – 5
Ratatouille – 4
Beowulf IMAX 3D – 4
Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix IMAX 3D – 3
Hairspray – 3
Grindhouse: Planet Terror – 3
The Darjeeling Limited – 3
the last mimzy – 2
blades of glory – 2
Hot Fuzz – 2
Spider-Man 3 – 2
At World’s End – 2
It Is Fine! – 2
I am Legend – 2 (once in IMAX)
Grindhouse: Death Proof – 1.5

Non-2007 releases:

children of men (for the second time)
what is it? (twice)
nbx 3D

Here’s to ’08!!