I enjoyed I Am Legend

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But the book storyline is so much better. From Wikipedia:
The story takes place between January 1976 and January 1979 in Southern
California. The novel opens with the monotony and horror of the daily
life of the protagonist, Robert Neville. Neville is apparently the only
survivor of an apocalypse caused by a pandemic of bacteria, the symptoms
of which are similar to vampirism. Every day he repairs his house,
boarding up windows, stringing and hanging garlic, disposing of
vampires’ corpses on his lawn and, going out to gather any additional
supplies needed for hunting and killing more vampires.

Much of the story is devoted to Neville’s struggles to understand the
plague that has infected everyone around him, and the novel details the
progress of his discoveries.

One day, a dog appears in the neighborhood. Neville spends weeks trying
to win its trust and domesticate it. He eventually traps the terrified
dog and wins it over, but it dies from the vampire infection a week

As the story progresses, it is revealed that some infected people have
discovered a means to hold the disease at bay. However, the “still
living” people appear no different from the true vampire during the day
while both are immobilized in sleep. Thus, along with the vampires,
Neville kills the still living people. He becomes a source of terror to
the still living, since he can go around in daylight (which they can
only do for a short length of time) and kill them while they sleep.

The still living send a woman named Ruth to spy on Neville, and they
replicate Neville’s relationship with the dog. Ruth pretends to be
terrified of Neville at first sight, and rather than spend weeks trying
to win her over, he attacks her and drags her back to his house.
Eventually Neville performs a blood test on her, revealing her true
nature to him before she knocks him out. Ruth leaves a note telling him
about the group of people like her, explaining that she was sent to spy
and how monstrous he appears to them. Months later, the still living
people attack, shooting Neville but taking him alive so that he can be
executed in front of everyone in the new society.

Before he can be executed, Ruth provides him with an envelope of pills.
Neville takes the pills so he will feel no pain when the still living
execute him. He finally realizes why the new society of the living
infected regards him as a monster. Just as vampires were regarded as
legendary monsters that preyed on the vulnerable humans in their beds,
Neville has become a mythical figure that kills both vampires and the
infected living while they are sleeping. He becomes a legend as the
vampires once were, hence the title.