Junktape loses mind, sells everything


Selling my pinball and arcade machines!


Cancelling my game and toy subscriptions!

But fear not – some day when I make some money I shall once again buy back everything and live on the Moon.


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  1. douggold says:


  2. Eros Welker says:

    I fully support the cancellation of games you rarely play, especially since they’ll hang on to your characters.  I also don’t know what a “toy subscription” is but as it sounds decadent, I’m glad you nixed that.

    As far as arcade games go, I’m sure it’s for the best (and that you’re not getting rid of Star Wars), but where you start to madden me is around the pinball.  How could you lose such a fine collection of pinball titles? I won’t pretend to miss BTTF (I suck at it), but what will I do when I wake up in your spare bedroom at 7am and need to play LOTR, Star Wars or Indiana Jones?!

    I beg you: Sell the spare TV(s), purge the DVDs, auction off the vintage toys, heck make a GtB adult film knockoff… but don’t lose the pinball!

    (or do, if ya need to). wink Sorry that you have to go through this.  I’ll trade you a box of HeroClix figures, Star Wars CCG (not TCG) sets and an electronic TARDIS bank for something?

  3. cybergosh says:

    Very Sad 🙁