I Bought MY Copy of Transformers…


… at Target, where I got the transforming box.

There are also exclusives at Best Buy, Walmart and Circuit City, I believe. Check them out and make sure you get the one you want. I’d give details and photographs, but I have to get back to procrastinating.


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  1. DougGold says:

    I got the bonus disc from netflix today and was annoyed that there’s no deleted scenes, which is pretty much all I care about on DVDs anymore.  I’m going to wait for some kind of director’s cut or something to buy it.

  2. Mdhuff says:

    I assume all the deleted scenes were the scenes with good acting and interesting turns of character…

  3. DougGold says:

    I saw the IMAX release with two minutes of added footage and I can tell you no, anything deleted did NOT have good acting and interesting turns of character. I just want to see more robots, dang it!

  4. Fatformers... more girth than meets the eye says:

    Those scenes from the Imax version aren’t even on the DVD, oddly enough.

    I’m sure they’re planning a better version of the DVD, but I’VE GOT A FREAKING TRANSFORMING BOX!!!

  5. cybergosh says:

    MDhuff is awesome smile

  6. Eros Welker says:

    If I had a transforming box, I’d put Transformers: The Movie in it.  Or The Guyver.

  7. Optimus Girth says:

    Megan Fox’s body did plenty of good acting.

    Great thing about the DVD is that you can fast-forward through all of the non-giant-robot-smashes-up-the-world scenes.

  8. junky says:

    I caved in and bought it in the worst way possible – at K-Mart, with NO exclusives, plus sales tax.  Nabbed it whilst running around mad, prepping for honeymoon travel.  Want it for the trip. 

    I’ve decided that blu ray sux and I’m goin full on HDDVD when I get back to town.  Changed my preorder of the deluxe Blade Runner set from blu to HD.  From everything I hear, all the studios are turning their backs on blu in the next 6 months.  I’m bettin the farm on MPEG-4 and some of the HD players with the up-quality chips for regular DVDs. 

    But ya never know.  Bye everyone I’m off to Italy and Greece!!!!!


    fat american, signing off.