Fall TV Reviews – Part 1

So I’ve sampled much of this season’s first blast, and there’s some
clear winners, some lame losers and some “wait-and-see”s in the mix.
Here’s my take:

The Good:

Reaper – This caught me off-guard, but it’s a fairly clever “boy finds

out he has to be satan’s lapdog”-style comedy/action show.  Think of it

as “Psych” meets “Ghostbusters”, and with Ray Wise as the devil.  Me


Dirty Sexy Money – It’s good to have Nate back, and this show about a

morally-sound lawyer having to slave for a billionaire’s spoiled family

is worth all the marketing muscle put behind it.  Everyone is well cast,

and there seems to be a little mystery underneath.  Watch it!

Kid Nation – You already know I love this show.  The second episode had

even more Jared in it, so I’m in love.

Ghost Hunters and Dexter are back and are reliably entertaining.  Check

‘em out!

The Bad:

Journeyman – This show wasn’t terrible, it was just sooooo boring.  The

guy jumps around in time, and to be fair, I was so uninterested that I

never really knew why.  So it just looked like an unfunny Quantum Leap. 

Poor Vorenus.

Moonlight – Absolutely horrible show about a vampire who solves

mysteries.  I’m serious, they made a serious show about it in the wake

of the kitschy Angel. Worse, the female co-star delivers lines more

wooden than the stakes that can’t kill our detective.  A stake through

the heart can’t kill a vamp?  F u!

The Big Bang Theory – I hate sitcoms.  I just can’t stomach a laugh

track anymore, but felt compelled to give this show about “the geeks

next door” a shot.  I regret it.  There are some decent jokes, but it’s

all horribly ruined under the audience’s guffaws.  They really should

release episodes on Tv and definitely on DVD where you can shut the

laugh track off.  Also, this was one of the jokes: “we’re going to watch

the second season of battlestar galactica”, “didn’t we watch that

already?” “not with commentary” – it’s not even funny, and there were

two laughs injected in there.  Fuck this show!

The Unknown:

Heroes – The other show I now watch despite not really liking it.  Not

much to say here, in contrast with the opener’s too many lame

storylines.  I suspect it will bounce back for me, since I’m a sucker

for the Claire/Dad storyline.

Life – Damian Lewis (great in Band of Brothers, lousy in Dreamcatcher)

is a LAPD detective who is released from prison for a crime he didn’t

commit.  Now, he’s got millions in the bank, a quirky carefree attitude

and a mission to find out who framed him.  Lewis is okay, but I

realllllly don’t like the way he speaks so it’s tough for me to watch. 

Another episode should do the trick.

Survivor: China – don’t get me wrong, survivor is pretty damn awesome

with some of the best challenges ever this season, but I’m concerned. 

My favorites seem to be givin’ the boot a little too freely.  First

“chicken”, the backwards country guy who I was pulling for to be this

season’s racist/homophobe, and second is the wwe diva with the big boobs

who clearly would have been awesome in the challenges.  And who am I

kidding, I can’t wait for the next ep!

Next week:  Look for Cavemen, the return of Friday Night Lights

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  1. Battlestar Tiffactica says:

    Cool, I was hoping to get a concise review on the good ones. Plus I trust your taste in movies (Netflix) so I’m sure we share the same taste in shows too! BTW, Reaper is a rip-off of “Dead like Me” so I refused to watch it for that reason. “Journeyman” is also a rip-off of “Quantum Leap” so same thing here. I admire originality. Latah!