A Few Quick Ones…

The Brothers Solomon. Hilarious. It pains me that this makes nothing and Mr Woodcock can pull in the nine mil it did this weekend.

Shoot ‘Em Up. I didn’t feel it all that much, but have to say, it should be snuck into to see how over the top it goes. But for some reason it never works. Some good moments with Clive.

Across the Universe. People will love it or hate it. I’m right down the middle. Many inspired scenes, such as the Eddie Izzard carnival trip or the Psychedelic bus ride leading up to it (with the films’ best cameo). But there’s not enough of those moments to go around and we are left with typical Taymor pretension in-between, making this a tricky film to form an opinion on.

The Brave One. I wish i could be Jodie Foster in this movie. Enjoyed this a lot.

King of California. Evan Rachel Wood SUCKS. In this and in Across the Universe. She’s a dullard who ruins every scene she’s in. But she’s not horrible enough to spoil this film. Douglas gives an awesome performance in his “crazy mode” seeking out lost treasure under a costco. Good.

And finally, this pic sums up what we all thought about D-war:

By Cybergosh

Fancy Gentleman.