Let’s Go To Prison, Whose Life is it Anyway, Open Water


I’m back.  I’ve been so busy lately trying to make a deadline for film festivals but I’ve been keeping up on my movie watching…  just not my movie reviewing.  Anyhows, I have three DVD’s to review.


Let’s Go to Prison.

Wow. Bob Odenkirk is just not cutting it with his features.  I know he still has it.  But both “Melvin Goes to Dinner” and this one are just horrible.  I watched this a few weeks ago and it has pretty much faded by now…  but I know I was bored, unamused and very disappointed.  Prison rape jokes – fine, whatever… but to base an entire film on the joke needs a much stronger plot and wittier dialogue to keep it interesting and funny.  Boring and anti-climactic.  Not worth it.  Don’t waste your time.

Whose Life is it Anyway?

Richard Dreyfuss is a sculptor who becomes quadriplegic after a car accident.  He fights for his right to die. Â

Why did I rent this?  John Badham directed it for christ’s sake… what was I thinking?  Well, I heard an interview with him on “The Treatment” and found something about the making of this piece of crap interesting enough to put it to the top of my Netflix queue.  Cassavetes is in it so I thought at least there would be an interesting performance. Â

This movie succeeded in making the viewer feel paralyzed.  Yes, paralyzed with boredom.  After realizing that this film was not worth my time, I watched it out of the corner of my eye, scanning it at 4X and doing more important work, like leaving photo comments on friends’ myspace pages.

Dreyfuss is annoying as all hell.  I was rooting for him to win his case so they could pull the plug on this smug cripple.  At least Badham shows Kaki Hunter (Porky’s) rolling around, displaying full frontal, in a pseudo-artistic B&W dream sequence, in order to gain an R rating.  Couldn’t find a photo on the web.  Sorry.

Open Water

Fine little indie.  I wasn’t really intrigued… however I already knew how this film would end.  I believe most of the reviews that came out early on spoiled the ending.  I’m very happy for the couple (director Chris Kentis and his wife, producer Laura Lau) who made the film.  It shows that hard work and perseverance works.  Think about it…  they must be VERY well-off because of this film and the sequel it spawned.

See also  Cloverfield

But honestly, unless you are interested in diving or making a similar type of indie, this is the only reason to see this film:


Now please… don’t hate Bake Snaker because his reviews sometimes lean toward the male-view or sex-obsessed.  I simply think that if a film is wasting my time… at least it can redeem itself with a lil T&A or at least a pretty girl… I mean, if a film has no depth to comment on, my comments will naturally be based on the superficial, right?


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  1. Eros Welker says:

    Bake has no reason to defend his actions.  He is The Snaker.  I didn’t care for the chicky so much, but I did like Open Water, despite feeling bummed out about it.  Open Water 2, on the other hand, was a bit of a disappointment (not a shark in sight, what gives?). 

    As for the movies, I kinda liked Let’s Go To Prison, only because I can watch Will Arnett in almost anything, and I’ve grown to love Dax Shepard.  I saw this Dane Cook flick, Employee of the Month, and I’m not sure why but I really liked it.  Dax plays a scumbag in it, but he made me laugh so he’ll always have a place in my heart.

    BTW, speaking of Arnett, did you know he was the voice of the announcer for Grindhouse’s trailer “DONT” ???

  2. junktape says:

    Will was also the voice of the announcer (and appears) in the movie Series 7: The Contenders, which is a really fun and prophetic little indie, basically Big Brother meets Running Man. 

    I could not have been more disappointed with Let’s Go to Prison.  Thank GOD I did not drag anyone to see this in the theatre, as was my intention.  I would have been so embarassed.  How could three such amazing guys create something so utterly unwatchable?

    My own quick reviews—Fast Food Nation, pretty engrossing and well-performed considering it’s a thin narrative just trying to give exposition on the horrors of the fast food industry.  But it’s horrifying.  I dare say I liked this film.

    The Ex – too much “Scrubs” and not enough “Arrested Development.” A great cast, a shitty DP and a fairly unremarkable way to waste 80 minutes.

    Premonition – not bad as these kinds of thrillers go, reminded me of “Flight Plan.” Both movies have concepts that ultimately leave you with too many “Spirit of the staircase” issues where you realize the plots are not airtight, and therefore unworthy.  But Bullock is good.  Total cable fodder.  Has gag reel on the dvd, where you see so many highly dramatic moments suddenly turn silly (botched takes, pranks, etc), which is weird but kinda neat.  Easily my favorite part of the whole experience.

  3. Cybergosh says:

    That’s cool about the Don’t narration – i did not know that – i think Bros. Solomon will be the first Odenkirk film to work…

    We’ll find out in a few weeks!

  4. warrentape says:

    kind of sad, but my only thumbs-up for ‘prison’ was it was leagues above run ronnie run. But it was still lame. I’d never seen Dax whatshisface before and i thought he was funny at least. Overall, yes, quite bad.

  5. Eros Welker says:

    Did “Run, Ronnie, Run” have the music video by Two Times One Minus One?  Where they pick-up a hooker and turn her into a princess… and then when it ends, they give her a $50 bill… and then wave their wand, and she transforms from a princess back to a hooker, and the $50 turns into a $5 bill?  If so, that’s the only reason I love Run, Ronnie, Run.

  6. warrentape says:

    the answer to this question i know not.