Aqua Teen Hunger Force Takes on Kingdom Hearts 2

Aqua Teen Hunger Force’s MC Pee Pants disses Kingdom Hearts 2 by comparing it with Resident Evil 4. And he’s absolutely right.

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No Responses to “Aqua Teen Hunger Force Takes on Kingdom Hearts 2”

  1. junky says:

    LOL – that was great.  I love both these games.  RE4 is probably one of the best game experiences of my life.  On par with games like Doom, Half Life, Deus Ex and presumably, Bioshock.

    With FF, man that is SUCH a genre unto itself.  These square enix (and knockoff) games are epic, and you gotta know what you’re getting into.  Not sure it’s exactly fair to compare these games, but it sure is funny, and spot-on true.

    FF2 was not as good as FF1, though I have not yet completed it, which says something.  I’m on the LAST big Hades’ arena challenge, after which I can begin the very last portion of the game.  Yes, it’s been forever.  But the expanse is part of what I love about these games.  They’re well acted, look gorgeous and are crazy fun.  But while FF2 really opened up the mythology (which still makes no ultimate sense) it’s not as fresh as the first go-round.  Still, I will finish it, and I will look forward to part three.