A Few BergBits…

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Bourne was great. The action is, well, it’s just incredible. Riveting. Something very tricky to pull off in this seen-it-all age. This is the kind of action Die Hard 4.0 should have had in place of its over-the-top cartoon mayhem. Still, it may be my least fave of the three..mainly due to much subpar dialogue from any character who is not Jason Bourne.

Underdog was a lot of fun, mainly because it was my first drive in experience. Shankweilers, which claims to be America’s oldest Drive In. I always assumed drive in’s would suck and therefore never sought one out. I’m more of a see-it-in-the-best-possible-theater-with-best-sound-and-projection type of guy. And while i still would never go to see an event film at one, drive in’s like this are AMAZING. It’s a culture i had no idea still existed. Me & Mao were transported back to the 50’s again last night. The projection was fine. The sound is broadcasted through an FM channel. Which is amazing since you can make it as loud as you want and stay in your own world sheltered from the crying babies and ringing cell phones we no doubt would have had to endure had we seen this on a “good” screen in the city. So yeah, if it’s a film like underdog..or if it’s a comedy…something not in 2.35 or that is an epic event..i’m all for making the two hour trek to one of Pennsylvania’s remaining 39 drive in theaters!

I will get to THE TEN this week.

These are two films i cannot wait for:


And finally, courtesy of The Alathal,

Here’s Jack Black in 1982 hawking Pitfall!…