Marion Brings Back Cybergosh


Well i almost made it through a full week without checking EG after it was diagnosed as bad for my health. You have this bit of news to blame for my return. This, plus my unrelenting need to let you know what i love and hate have won over my gaybaby closeminded psychoticness. It is the awesomest confirmation of a rumor having to do with Indy IV we’ve see so far.

I tell ya, the more this production continues, the more excited i get. i will truly never really enjoy the shia factor, but this…this is enough to cancel him out and allow me to overlook his ever-pasty face.

And while i’m here…

The shocker of the summer…

I loved HAIRSPRAY. I loved all the music so much i went back and saw it again. One of the best musicals to come along in a long while..and the most Disney-esque and Menken-esque musical that is neither Disney nor Menken. If i would have know Marc Shaiman’s songs were so great i would have gone to see this on Broadway when it arrived five years ago. I was never a fan of the original film, so i never really thought i cared. Although i don’t imagine i would enjoy it live as much. The Travolta aspect of this film is one of the greatest oddities in film history. I still don’t know what i was looking at. Walken is great. So cool to see Pffiefer back up there singing. It’s been too long. Love the Grease/Grease 2 reunion sort of aspect to it. And it really is a Grease for a new generation, in a way. And even those who were previously found annoying (Efron, Bynes, Latifa) were all very likable. Go figure.

I hate bright, sunny days. They put me in a bad mood. But, after SUNSHINE, i will now think of Cillian Murphy every time the sun shines down on me…and of how much i enjoyed this film.

I didn’t get to see the last half hour of THE SIMPSONS MOVIE. The theater lost its power. The funny thing is, i wasn’t all that upset. Oh well. So much for the 18 year wait.

What else? I guess the only thing left to report is that i spent most of the week in the house, as i said, getting through YEAR 7. And holy shit. Jesus christ in the sky. Summer 2010 cannot get here soon enough. I wonder who the hell will direct the last year?? I think i’m actually going to read it again right away. I love being on the subway and spotting the other magical people with it in their hand. I love the little glance and knowing nod that you get when you encounter one of them. I love to look at how far into they are..and i love how they’re observing the same thing…yeah – yeah i have to re-read this again right now! Unreal!!!

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  1. Fat Ass says:

    Great to have you back!

    And even better to have Marion back! She looks gorgeous.

    We stopped by the Lucasfilm booth and didn’t get any insider details. I swooped what was apparently the last Indiana Jones IV hat they had (intercepted it on its way to Seth’s head). I didn’t even know about the Lego game until I saw it here.

    I also saw a large brochure apparently given out to the press that had the picture of Indy silhouetted in smoke that you’ve seen elsewhere on the cover, along with a bunch of what appeared to be Struzan paintings inside and hype about the movie and the series.

    Didn’t see much cool stuff, most of my time was spent pushing Freshmen or being pinballed around my smaller, smellier people. The only panel I was interested in that didn’t conflict for me somehow was Rob Zombie for Halloween, and his lack of desire to be there spoiled the crowd’s enthusiasm. I continue to be very reluctant to get excited about this remake of one of my favorite films of all time.

    Word on the floor is that Iron Man is the best looking comic-to-screen translation yet. People’s jaws were dropped even hours later.

  2. Cybergosh says:

    Fuck yeah!

    I love the favreau…i love his love for doing practical effects over cgi…its part of why zathura had the magic…cannot wait for iron man…

    Indy 4 CAP!?!?!?

    Shit – i gotta get on ebay right now!!!!

  3. Cybergosh says:

    LatinoReview.com had the opportunity to get a chance to talk to three-time Oscar-nominee Frank Darabont about the chilling adaptation of Stephen King’s The Mist.

    Near the end of the interview Darabont is asked how it was like to write a script for the new Indiana Jones film. The announced return of Marion Ravenwood is mentioned to what Frank Darabont proudly comments:

    “That was, by the way, my suggestion. Let’s bring Marion back. I’m taking full credit for that. I don’t wanna hear shit from anyone else. That was my idea. Thank you very mutch.”

    Darabont then happily adds that he had a big crush on Karen Allen at that time. He loved the Marion Ravenwood character and he wanted her back.

    Well dear Frank Darabont; the great majority of all Indiana Jones fans love Marion as well and we are very excited about her return in Indiana Jones 4. So thank you very much indeed for suggesting Marion’s return to Spielberg!

    In 2003, Frank Darabont completed his first Indiana Jones 4 screenplay. Steven Spielberg loved Darabont’s script but George Lucas didn’t find the material good enough. So they went looking for another screenplay writer. How many of Darabont’s script ideas made it to the final film is still unknown.

    Thanks to TheRaider.net for the information

  4. junky says:

    Wow, all amazing.  Karen Allen looks great, Shia is appropriately shy, Indy looks way old but what the hell.  I’m in.  Like I wasn’t.  smile Welcome back, Fats – let’s do a California lunch and you can tell me all about da con!!!!!