Berg Can’t Stop The Beat!!


I can’t get enough of this movie. Trust me, no one’s more surprised than i am. I was expecting to walk out. And yet here i am off my second time. I’m going back again. These songs are amazing and this film is a classic. I don’t care what you think.

Hey Hun...make sure you don't miss my movie, k?

Oh, and The Simpsons Movie is such a letdown. I’m not even one of those who think the new episodes aren’t any good. The last two, for example, where Bart almost marries an older teen voice by the Portman, or the one where Santa’s Little Helper becomes a police dog…i thought they were both really funny and well written. But the Movie..an entirely different story. For me, it played like one of the bad episodes at three times the length. Oh well. The less times i have to go back and see The Simpsons Movie the more times i can go back and see Hairpray!