Flight of the Living Dead


I thought it was spam, but instead it’s glorious. I hope it’s good,
though I suspect it will not be.

Confirmation: This e-mail is to confirm your seating on the Flight of
the Living Dead.

DVD departure date: October 2, 2007

Special security restrictions: None. Go ahead and bring all the liquids,
gels, aerosols, nail clippers, sharp objects and weapons you like onto
the plane. They won’t help.

Complete details: http://tinyurl.com/yr6bjq


LEGAL NOTICE: You are receiving this e-mail because a seat has been
reserved for you on the Flight of the Living Dead. Be forewarned: There
are no exit rows. There is no escaping the blood thirst of the undead.
In the event of flesh-eating zombies breaking free, you’re on your own
to fight for your life. Enjoy your flight.


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