Mr and Mrs Junky’s Star Wars Collection

Seriously – this is only a fraction.

Level 9 Sorcerer. Former Bard.

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  1. cybergosh says:

    This is the most amazing!

    Ya know i have a lifetime of SW stuff…but your collection is the class act!  You have the coolest stuff..and, for all i have…seeing all this makes me feel like i have nothing.  I love this video!  And now i can watch it just to pretend it’s all mine!!

    Your dioramas rule all.

    This is better than porn.

  2. bake snaker says:

    i didn’t see Star Wars bed sheets in there… i thought you had those.

  3. Christa says:

    AHEM – that would be Mr. & Mrs. Junky’s collection – some of that stuff is MINE!!!  rasberry

  4. Christa says:

    hehe – thanks smile

  5. Lekker says:

    Used to love my Star Wars bed sheets.  Oh how I miss those.

  6. mdhuff says:

    Amazing.  Great video, great music (where is that from?!) and great cutting.  Love it.  (and for ego sake, is that me in Vader holding Fizgig?)

  7. Fat Ass says:

    Thank God– I was worried that, since we haven’t been hanging out as much and you vowed not to buy any toys until the end of the month, you might actually be getting work done. Glad to see that wasn’t the case. Sheesh, close call…

  8. Eros Welker says:


    I love this so much!  Those handicam shots around your dioramas are so cool!  It’s like a 3D imagining before Lucas can do it, if he’s ever gonan do it!!

    I just wished I also saw in this video:

    Wookiee outfits

    Star Wars board games, miniatures, etc.

    Your complete collection of SW video games

    Your Burger King glasses

    Sideshow’s Plo Koon

    And oh so much more.



  9. Junktape says:

    That is Matthew in the Vader costume AND the chewie costume, both shown holding Fizzgig.  There’s also a pic of ME in the chewie costume, looking more like Lumpy from the Xmas special. 

    Look close mufftak, the board games, wookiee outfit and plo koon are all in there… But yes as you point out there is still SO much missing.  I believe I have every board game and every video game, for almost every system (But am missing most of the pc games – Darkhugh’s got em tho…)

    And Darkhugh, I’m still bustin my ass now more than ever, but yeah, I did spend most of a saturday afternoon cutting that… (shot it in minutes though, and it shows lol)