I know – i know…wait for future generations…wait ’til they work out the bugs..blah blah…whatever.

It called my name in the night. Who was i to resist it? Who was to stop me?

I went late in comparison to the folks who have been out there since Monday.


Shortly after 6, the line moved swift and organized, just like all things Apple.

By 630 pm – i had my fingers on it for the first time.

Which was after i bought the 4 gig model.

So here’s the deal. It is something out of a dream. Something brought back in time to us from the future. It is alien technology. Half the fun will be in figuring it out.

I was fine with the lack of 3G websurfing. The WiFi is fine and, when not available, the new and improved EDGE network was acceptable. Not at all as slow as previously reported.

In fact, everything worked great and my fingers were slipping and slidin away for another half hour. And then…it happened.

Every minor trade off that had come before it was dealable. But then came that damn keyboard. Actually, there is no keyboard but rather the on screen board. The stubby berg fingers just could not get used to it – and by the end of the night, and still as i type this, i feel the intense carpal tunnel setting in.

And thus my dilemma. I plan on keeping it untouched in the box and going back to the 24hr 5th ave Apple store tomorrow and playing around some more to see if i can’t get used to the damn keyboard. I know it’s not much different from the frustration of typing on ANY PDA…but still, stylus’ seem a bit easier than fingers as fat as mine. The iPhone is of the heavens. It’s my fingers that are its ultimate downfall. And so will it become my second cell phone line..or will it be returned?……stay tuned…..

In the meantime, go to an Apple store this weekend. Play around. Check out EG on it. Get a feel for it. Then comment here. Very curious to know what everyone thinks…what everyone’s pro’s and con’s are…regardless if you actually plan on getting one or not.

After all that came Ratatouille. I will go into more detail later, but see this big and in a great theater. Among the top ziegfeld experiences of all time for me tonight. My most eagerly awaited film of the entire summer exceeded my high expectations. Brad Bird knows the ingredients to a great film, no matter how big or small. Leave it to him to take this simple tale..one that could have easily just not worked..and add equal parts action, heart, comedy and amazing filmaking. Ten minutes in and your mind won’t even perceive it as animated. A marvel and unlike anything else anyone has done with CG animation. Michael Giacchino’s score is Incredible once again, too. I’m going back for seconds tomorrow night.

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  1. Fat Ass says:

    I have to stay away from the iPhone as much as possible because I can’t restrain myself from these things when I get an itch. My cellphone contract doesn’t expire until April, and I’ll get an iPhone (yep, 2nd generation) then. But until then, I have to, have to, have to stay away. I was one keystroke from buying one today online.

    I have to admit, tho– I don’t understand what you wrote. You didn’t open your own, you only played with it at the store and then took yours home and kept it sealed?

    Lookin’ forward to Ratatatatoooie.

  2. Gary says:

    Hey Guys….

    This is my first post here…..  It comes from the love I have from my new iPhone that I’m 8 hours deep into now….

    I have my personal issues with it, like no easy “Mass texting” ability, which I completely understand not being there, I just wish it was cause I could use it.

    The typing thing is a bit of an issue (I have some meaty thumbs myself), but the more I’ve been doing it, the better and more accurate I’ve gotten.

    The thing that sucks most of all is the fact that the iPod side, in no way connects to the phone side.  So if I wan to use a song for a ringtone, I can’t.  And as of this moment, there’s no way to buy or add them.  I guess I’m stuck with crickets or footsteps for my ringer.  I’m sure this is something that will be fixed within weeks via some sort of update, because there will be complaints.

    That’s all I have for now.  Will keep you updated.


  3. cybergosh says:

    Yeah, basically..that’s what i did.  I bought it.  I then played with it at the apple store.  then i didin’t open it.  because i need to go back to the apple store and play with it some more.  and if i can’t get used to some stuff i may actually return it because it will tip the scale of neg’s vs. pro’s for me.  But, still, it is a wonderful wonderful thing that you should go fiddle with at the grove apple store asap!!!

  4. Cybergosh says:

    Welcome, Gary!

    I heard that iTunes will be opening up its whole iPhone ringtone store very soon…still, i wish there was a dirty way to get mp3’s in there a la a data cable without paying for tones on iTunes.  So many trade off’s…i’m still just not sure what to do….

  5. GaryHolm says:

    My typing keeps getting better and better, and I guarantee my fingers are fatter than yours…. Well I guess I don’t guarantee that, but I’m pretty sure….

    For me it’s a very needed device, I can sync my 3000 contacts and my calendar without any issues and that’s huge….

    I’m sure the ringtone thing will be the most complained about and fastest fixed issue on the phone, but seriously, no texting more than one person the same text!!! WTF???

  6. Eros Welker says:

    There are two reasons I’m not picking up an iPhone yet, despite wanting one badly.

    1. No vibration (is this true?).  There’s so many times I need to turn off the sound on my phone (mtgs, movies, etc.) but still want to know when something’s going on.

    2. No Flash/Java support on the web browser.  I know it’s supposed to be working pretty well (and better than most of what’s out there), but what have you boys found when hitting your favorite websites?  Most important of all, can you hit YTMND and have it work? wink

  7. Cybergosh says:

    I’ll try YTMND tonight when i go play with it at the store.  I have only tried google, aol, yahoo, aicn and, of course, EG.  They looked great.  I love the zoom on the browser.  The easiest web browsing on a device this small ever.

    But wow – good thought on the vibration…i didint even realize that.  That makes my big time CON’S list.  Ans so does the multiple texting issue.  That is really lame and i never heard that before now.

    So now i have to swallow…

    – The pain-in-the-ass-to-type issue

    – No texting multiple people the same text

    – No Voice Recorder

    – No Vibration Mode

    – No way to make customizable ringtones

    – No video recorder

    – No flash on camera

    – No way to change battery if it runs out in the middle of the day…which it will.

    Shit.  Things are looking grim.  But i WANT TO LOVE IT so bad…..


  8. GaryHolm says:

    It has vibration.  It’s not the strongest vibration I’ve ever had in my pocket, but I can feel it.

    It’s actually one of the smarter “silent” modes I’ve seen. It has a physical switch on the side of the phone, you just flip it down and the phone is on silent/vibrate mode.



  9. at the store says:

    Wow..cool on on one now…spelll correction not so bad…vibratetion is cool!

  10. Cybergosh says:

    That last one was from me..hanging out in the Apple Store for another hour or so today.  Was happy to feel the vibration mode on it..but, Gary…do your fingers HURT after you use it?  Or should i be concerned that i have early stages of arthritis?  I just really am not not so sure i could ever get used to it.  Although, as bake said – maybe i HAVE to.  Maybe it is just the way of things in the place where iPhone comes from.  The FUTURE…

  11. GaryHolm says:

    So far my thumbs are ok, but I haven’t fingered a novel or anything….

    2 days iPhoning deep and still loving it-ish….


  12. tech junky (dan) says:

    tryinn it for the firrst time.  Seemz like fud.

    Okay, kidding – I’m not an an apple store and I don’t have an iphone.  Am in same boat as Hugh.  We’ve been looking to replace our PDA phones, we want iphones, but willpower and the desire for a second generation have helped us hold out.  That plus commitments to verizon.  Anyway, very excited to see and play with one.  I’m sure most of those bugs will be worked out.

    And Cybergosh – why not just buy a stylus and use it to type with?  Who says you HAVE to use your fingers on a touch-sensitive screen?  Get a stylus, they’re cheap.  Keep it in your pocket or wallet.  Use it to type with.  Buy two and use em as chopsticks.

    As for mass texting, I bet they’ll fix that.  Too crazy that they didnt already tackle that sucka.

    AND WELCOME GARY!!!!!!  Hope we see you posting here often!  Check out our archives and watch some of our videos – would love to see you post your own here!

    hugga bunches of oats


  13. Cybergosh says:

    Tried using a sylus-esque device in the store that i brought with me – did not work.

    Am going to bring a q-tip next time to see if that does the job.

  14. Cybergosh says:

    Verizon already comforming to an iPhone world…


    alos – my favorite phone site has a great in-depth review…


  15. cybergosh says:

    The q-tip method did not work 🙁

  16. cybergosh says:

    Hopefully you’ve checked out a nice digital print of Ratatouille by now.  If you haven’t – then go away.  These are spoilery.  But here a some in-jokes from the film.  I will look for them all tomorrow when i see it for the 4th time!

    Rat & Harry saved the summer. 

    The Pizza Planet Truck, which first made an appearance in Toy Story, has made a cameo in nearly every Pixar film. For example, the truck can be seen whizzing by when the tank gang is escaping from the dentist’s office in Finding Nemo. In Ratatouille, the infamous Pizza Planet Truck can be seen on a bridge over the Seine during the scene in which Skinner is chasing Remy.

    The number A113, which refers to Brad Bird and John Lasseter’s former classroom at CalArts, makes an appearance in every Pixar film. For example, A113 can be seen in Cars on the train that McQueen narrowly misses when he first loses Mack and exits onto Route 66. A113 also appears in Ratatouille, but you’ll have to look carefully for yourself to find it.

    Pixar’s official “Good Luck Charm,” actor John Ratzenberger makes another appearance in Ratatouille as the head waiter, Mustafa. John’s voice has appeared in every Pixar movie including as Hamm the piggy bank in Toy Story and Toy Story 2, PT Flea in A Bug’s Life, The Underminer in The Incredibles, and Mack the truck in Cars.

    Mabel’s living room has several framed photos depicting Mabel and her late husband as members of the French resistance during WWII. This might explain how Mabel learned to use a shotgun.

    The character Bomb Voyage from The Incredibles makes two appearances in Ratatouille. He appears as a mime on the bridge by Notre Dame when Linguini and Colette skate past [see the attached photo]. Bomb Voyage’s second appearance is the front-page headline and photo on the newspaper Colette is reading with the Solene Le Claire review.

    Restaurant critic Anton Ego’s (voice of Peter O’Toole) office is shaped like a coffin to reinforce the idea that a bad review from Ego can be the “death” of a restaurant.

    There were 372 graphics created that appear on food labels, boxes, street signs, posters, and businesses. Many of these graphics are named after Ratatouille crew members.

    Lasseter Cabernet Sauvignon is named for executive producer John Lasseter

    Chateau-Bird Champagne named for director Brad Bird

    Chateau-Jessup Pauillac Medoc named for production designer Harley Jessup

    Colette rides a “Calahan” branded motorcycle, named after Sharon Calahan, the director of photography/lighting.

    The “Bouchiba” brand spaghetti Linguini cooks with in his apartment is named for animator Bolhem Bouchiba.

    The “Bradford” mixer in the kitchen is named for producer Brad Lewis

    The “Susman” brand olive oil is named for associate producer Galyn Susman.

    “Bar Des 7 Chanceux” is a storefront seen on the streets of Paris. It is named for the “Lucky 7 Lounge,” a homemade secret lounge inside Pixar Animation Studios.


    Linguine wears Incredibles boxer shorts!