Live Free or Die Hard?  I’d rather Die Hard

So Cybergosh and I just got out of LFODH and I’m too tired to be pithy
or comprehensive. For now…

…suffice it to say that it’s not what Die Hard

4 should be, nor would it have been a good standalone action flick

either.  Underneath all the nonsense and distractions, there’s a decent

story that could have served up a solid McClane yarn, but Wiseman aint

that skilled.

The opposite holds true; he’s so green that there are dozens of scenes

that are horribly put together, showstopper action scenes are so over

the top that it would barely fit in Die Hard: The Animated Series, and

overall, all the winks and nods to the series are handled poorly and

without any real tact.  Bruce Willis, ya wanna love him, and when he’s

in the zone, McClane lives again… but those glimpses are rare, and

instead, we’re stuck with a different McClane than even Vengeance, which

left me a bit cold.

Long story short: Jeers to Live Free or Die Hard.  If it was called Die

Hard 4.0, I’d have been slightly more forgiving.