Cybergosh’s Summer So Far


A very quick recap for those of you keeping score…

In order of release…

Spider-Man 3 : The IMAX Experience = Looking back, 50% works and 50% doesn’t. But i love the 50% that does so, so much. Shame on you, Dunst! Shame on you, Venom! Ruining a potentially great Spider-man movie!!

28 Weeks Later = Best film involving zombie-esque characters i have ever seen.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End =Despite the usual over-longness and meandering plotlines, my fave of the three!

Angel A = Nice little film that was fun but could have been better.

Ocean’s Thirteen = No way to not like it. Could it have been even better? Yes. But it is what it is. And it’s a lot of fun. David Holmes does it again with the awesome music.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer = The Alba-whines made this something i’d never watch again despite my love of The Thing. Actually thought the first was better. Tim Story is an idiot who has no right to have that as a last name.

Daywatch = Long. Meandering. Lots of great moments. A bit different from the first, which is good. Has some heart to it. Forgettable. But also very cool. Really nice, great ending. There doesn’t need to be a third.

DOA = The best Eric-Roberts-as-a-villain-who-owns-an-island-where-he invites-fighters-to battle-each-other-so-he-can-steal-their-fighting-power in a long while!!!!

Paprika = I liked the poster to this so i spontaneously checked it out last week. Great themes and ideas. Great visuals. But what is it about anime? As good as they are there is always that unidentifiable something that keeps me half into it and half tuned out.

Evan Almighty = Ashamed at myself for seeing this. The only reason i even (evan?) went was to see if the 200 million is up there on the screen. It isn’t. I can never look at that Carrel-face again without thinking of the torture that was this movie. I only stayed until the end to see how it would all wrap up. To see why the flood would come. To understand why all those animals needed to be there. Guess what? It all doesn’t matter. Please never see this. For the love of God NEVER see this goddamned movie.

1408 = I’ve always loved the Cusack. It’s fun to watch him unravel in this ultimately disappointing film. Although i liked it enough to watch it again.

Paris Je T’Aime = Out of the 18 short stories, i’d say about 10 were very good. As expected, i enjoyed Tykwer’s the best with the Coens’ and Cauron’s close behind along with a surprisingly cool vampire-related segment from Vincenzo Natali. Wes Craven’s had more heart than any feature he’s ever done. And the one from Alexander Payne is a nice one to close on.

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Eagle vs. Shark. My favorite film of the summer so far hand’s down. The kind of film that makes me jealous that i didn’t make it. Up there as one of my favorite love stories of all time.

Xanadu on Broadway – Part amazing (that it actually exists) and part annoying (that it sometimes pokes too much fun at one of the best films ever). Kerry Butler is to this show what Depp is to the Pirates films. She channels Olivia and makes you smile for the entire 90 minutes of this one act extravaganza. I’m going again.

Next up, me and Eros Live Free AND Die Hard tomorrow at midnight!…


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  1. bake snaker says:

    you saw DOA!!! post a full review…i wasd tempted…made like

    500,000…plus, call me when you’re seeing films

  2. Cybergosh says:

    Come see Die Hard tomorrow with me and Eros!

    I never in a million years would have guessed you would have been into seeing DOA with me!

  3. bake snaker says:

    can’t ..seeing michael ian black tom. night …but lemme know about others