Now HERE is a Video Game


My favorite video game of all time… TIE Fighter!!!

Check out the early look at Coruscant! Oh how I wish this ran on WinXP. And I still had my flight joystick with throttle!

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  1. tie junky says:

    Dear god that brings back memories.  That image of the Tie Pilot with the floating layer of his flightstick hovering… That glimpse of Thrawn’s red chiss eyes.  I can practically SMELL the heat coming off my old pentium, the feel of my sidewinder joystick…


    LIKE AN IDIOT I THREW OUT ALL MY OLD BOOTLEGS OF WINDOWS 95.  I think that OS would have still run these.

    I have The “X-Wing Collectors Series,” which I bought from Lucasarts a while back.  I also have X-Wing Alliance.  If anyone has copies of the old operating systems, PLEASE SHARE THEM with me.

    Christa has an old PC I’ve often thought about souping up as a vintage gaming system……..

    Help me, this is my most desperate hour.


  2. Eros Welker says:

    Of those X-Wing games, Tie Fighter was my favorite too.  I remember they did such a good job of not making you feel like you were playing the “bad side” as well.  And the musical riffs were great; Lucasarts had a really awesome guy, (cant remember his name Clint Mansell? Did I make that up?) who did all their scores and Star Wars take-offs and he always did a good job capturing the original themes, and integrating new ones that were very effective.

    Of course, my heart belongs to Wing Commander.  Star Wars may own the silver screen, but Wing Commander will forever be remembered as the definitive video game space opera.

  3. Junktape says:

    Here Here!

    In memory of my beloved Angel and my dear pallie Paladin,

    Christopher Blair

  4. mdhuff says:

    I’ve been a mac man since 1988, so I never had fun with these games.  One of the shameful crosses mac fags are forced to bear.  Or is it bare?  Beer?

    Why didn’t Wing Commander work as a movie?  Why?