Singapore Sling, Party and The Boxer’s Omen

Haven’t written reviews for a long time.  Sorry about that.  But I have 3 interesting films to write about.


Singapore Sling (1990)

This Greek cult film directed by Nikos Nikolaidis is a so-called classic..even spawned a rock band named after the film.  Heard alot about this over the years.  Was hoping that it had something to do with doesn’t.  Basically it is an art house exploitation flic.  Quick synopsis: Two women, mother and daughter team, torture some guy.  That’s it…I’m not really sure why.  I’m sure it’s explained however I have to admit…I started scanning after awhile. Â


There are two things worth noting about this film.  The gorgeous B&W cinematography and the nice amount of T&A.  Meredyth Herold, who plays the daughter, is not really my type however …great breasts..and there is even a close-up of her smearing a kiwi on her labia.  Great stuff.  But I can’t recommend it cause it is incredibly repetitive and monotonous.


Party (2006)

Documentary about Asian-American parties in NYC.  I basically already knew everything they had to say with this film…some of you may not if this is an interest of yours, check it out.  I have to say..terrible, disjointed editing.  Interesting sociological study… explores some of the issues of why some Asian-Americans don’t socialize outside of their circles.
The Boxer’s Omen (1983)

This is another super cult classic from the Shaw Brothers.  Very influenced by Jodorowsky… almost like the inferior, lower-budget El Topo.  Some of the visuals are amazing and inspired.  Some are right out of a 7th grader’s home movie project.
Very surreal, strange plot that involves Thai boxing, eel-vomiting, killer bat’s, crocodile women, maggots, lot’s of goo, etc, etc.


Great sex scene.  Rent it and scan.

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