At Berg’s End



Exclusive pics from Saturday’s World Premiere at Disneyland!


Roy Disney & Joey Fatone! Together for the first time!!…



The lovable “Penrod”…


Lauren Maher & Vanessa Branch (“Wench 1 & 2”)


The ever-elusive but fan-friendly Depp…


Although i did not get the chance to experience the all-new Pirates Lair…


…or Nemo Subs…


…I did get to meet Summer 2008’s Wall-E !



Two Days to go until what i believe will be the best of the three…

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  1. cybergosh says:

    No full review.  No time right now in the non-stopness of C4.  I will just say…

    Even though PotC: AWE is an unnecessarily long and meandering chaotic mess of visual amazingness, it may just be my fave of the three due to its unexpected Gilliam-esque sequences which came out of left field.  Still…sooooooo long.  For no reason than to just be.  LONG.  And shame on them for dropping the ball with the Captain Teague character.  Could have/should have been so much more.  Truly an oddity.

  2. Cybergosh says:

    Some FunFacts…

    – At World’s End marks a milestone for Digital Cinema as the film will be the first feature to be released on more than 1,000 digital cinema screens domestically and more than 400 screens internationally.

    – Dead Man’s Chest sold more than 22 million home video units and The Curse of the Black Pearl is the No. 1 live action DVD of all time. Both films were released this week on Blu-ray for the first time.

    – Disneyland marked the 40-year anniversary of the Pirates attraction in March and has hosted nearly 315,000,000 Guests since opening in 1967.

    – The Old Singapore set designed by Rick Heinrichs was comprised of some 40 individual structures, built on top of an 80 x130 foot tank.

    – Although much of set decorator Cheryl Carasik’s set dressing in the Singapore set actually was imported from Asia, a great deal of the bamboo actually came from the island of Dominica in the West Indies, where Dead Man’s Chest and At World’s End was shot for two months.

    – Usually when shooting on water, a production has its base camp on dry land, and takes boats out to the sea locations. When shooting on the tiny island of White Cay in The Exumas, Bahamas, it was just the opposite for the At World’s End crew. The base camp was two large barges yoked together and anchored about a mile from the shoreline, with trailers for the actors, hair and makeup departments and catering on deck. Cast and crew then had to take smaller craft from the barges to the shore, wading into the surf like an invading army.

    – The Shipwreck City set built at The Walt Disney Studios was illuminated by approximately 3,500 candles, many of them of the “double wick” variety no longer commonly manufactured.

    – The Pirates Code (Pirata Codex) book created for the film measures 20 x 28 feet in dimension, with the “hero” version weighing 80 pounds, with a thousand pages of textured parchment.

    – More than 2.000 feet of hydraulic hose and a million pounds of steel were used in the creation of the motion bases on which the replicas of both the Black Pearl and Flying Dutchman were mounted inside of the hangar for the filming of the Maelstrom.

    – Captain Jack Sparrow’s sash was made by a hill tribe in Turkey, and costume designer Penny Rose had to send someone to Turkey to persuade them to weave another hundred yards of the material.

    – More than 175,000 plastic blue balls were dumped over the deck of the Black Pearl inside of the Palmdale hangar for the “crab sequence.”

    – Cybergosh enjoys the third installment the most, and loved his experience seeing it for the second time at Disney’s El Capitan Theater in Hollywood.