28 Weeks Later – Snaker’s take


Am I the only one not infected with the hype virus?

Everyone is raving.  Straight out..didn’t like it.  Actually I think it’s about equal to the first one.  Both films are weakly scripted and only decently acted…and the best thing about both films is the look.  28 Days had an ugly but interesting DV style…28 Weeks has a gorgeous Super 16 grainy style that is ruined by too much hand-held.  Why does the cutting in this film have to be Michael Bay lightening speed?  …I couldn’t tell what was going on. The gore is alright but the cutting is too quick and the camera is too shakey to really even see it.

The “cowardice” sub-plot is under-developed.  The motivations of the helicopter pilot is ridiculous… why did he not want to pick up the crew in the field..yet would pick them up in the stadium?  Straight out boring if you ask me.  Of course the one shining light is this gorgeous piece of A….


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