no matter what you think of them…..

there’s a major problem here. The whole point of satellite radio is not to be censored. If you haven’t heard already:

and just in case you want to judge for yourself:

Again, the context here is humor…. this isn’t hate speech or fighting words. The joke here is imagining how a dignified and untouchable women would react to a homeless man attacking her. They are not laughing or making fun of an actual rape…. they are finding humor in the absurdity of this homeless man’s statements. Replace Condelezza with my mother and I will still find this joke to be funny and not warranting of the suspension.

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No Responses to “no matter what you think of them…..”

  1. junky says:

    Hilarious stuff, would be a shame to lose these guys, even for a moment.  I played this over and over and really laughed hard at how funny this observance was. 

    Touche, guys.  Touche.  Thanks to Opie and Anthony for giving Charlie the homeless man a forum for his ideas.  These guys once again prove that their first amendment rights are worth going to the mat for.  We need more humor like this on the airwaves!

    You know, all sarcasm aside, it is actually kinda funny to imagine the horror in your mother’s face as a homeless person holds her down and fucks her.  I bet she’d be all surprised and shit.

  2. Roger says:

    Junky, I honestly can’t tell which part is supposed to be sarcastic and which isn’t.

    I’m pissed that O&A’s XM show has been suspended (including the replays), but I think it could have been a lot worse, given the climate these days. XM could have sacrificed them completely as an offering to the government to approve the merger (which, now more than ever, I hope never happens).

  3. bake snaker says:


    I entitled this entry “no matter what you think of them” because I understand that some readers of EG, including you, aren’t fans.  Whether or not you find them funny isn’t the point.  It’s setting a precedent in which censorship is becoming increasingly accepted.

    Let me point out that we wrote, shot, and edited several scenes in Greg the Bunny that made fun of prison rape.  What’s the difference?  Theirs was unscripted banter… we actually took the time and decided to make that a part of our show.  Are we going to be upset if censorship ever affects us directly?

  4. junky says:


  5. Cybergosh says:

    Wait – why the LOL?  Seriously – i hate these guys but this is wrong.  Wrongo, as Watto would say.

  6. Roger says:

  7. junky says:

    In all seriousness of course this is insane, PC bullshit soapbox ranting.  Just so sad that we ALL have to look like morons when we are put in a position to back idiots and their right to be drooling idiots.  But yeah, I got their back.  Just wish I had someone else’s back, like George Carlin or Lenny Bruce, someone who you could at least defend and hold up their work as important in some way, or socially relevant.  No, I gotta back Imus the human skeleton and O&E’s trick seal of a homeless man. 

    It’s like, it’s easier to point to the statue of David and say, how can you fundamentalists call that obscene?  (and they do)

    But with these jokers we gotta point at their fingerpaintings of cock and balls on the restroom wall and try to make the same stand.  Just puts us on shakier ground is all.

    What’s next?  Am I going to be forced to defend Jeff Foxworthy?

    I’m not sure I can do it.

  8. bake snaker says:

    I love Patrice more than ever.

  9. Roger says:

    Very good article that sums up the current situation in radio:

  10. Roger says:

    And another good one that describes the dilemma that XM now faces: