28 Times Better


I did not hate 28 days later. I found some of the film very suspenseful. But, unfortunately, for one reason or another, the characters did not only fall victim to the “rage virus” but also to my disinterest. And with that, while i was glad to have seen it, i never thought about the film again after that opening night. But, the thing about me is…i always look forward to a sequel. I look forward to seeing a sequel more than going to the original in the first place. And while, more often than not, you get duds…there is always that optimistic sequel-loving maniac in me that is constantly seeking out the next T2. The next Aliens. The Next Spider-Man 2. And today, i found it in 28 Weeks Later.

Holy goddamn mother fucking shit. That’s all i can say. I can’t process it all right now. Somehow, and by total surprise – i left the theater today with that “blown to the back of the theater” feeling that the original Die Hard coined back in ’88. This film totally pulls an what-Aliens-was-to-Alien on us.

While the film is not free of some ingredients that are typical to this played-out genre…it somehow manages to make it all seem so fresh you will feel as though you have never even seen any other films involving zombies before. And, let’s face it – at this point that is not such an easy feat.

The characters are all real. All well-written and layered enough to care about including ones that you may have only seen on screen for less than five minutes before their demise. I felt more about some of the characters we are introduced to in the first few moments of this film than i did for the entire length of the first one. Not that DAYS was a bad film. Far from it. It just didn’t affect me in the gut wrenching, no holds barred kind of way that WEEKS manages to. It is relentless. And it never dumbs down or feels the need to over-explain things…a trap that this film could have so easily fell into.

Imogen Poots is not only nice to watch…but does an amazing job at showing real, genuine fear in the edge of your seat final sequences…

I expected to go into the theater today and, more or less, walk out and forget what might have been another mediocre zombie film. What i got was a classic that lands in my tied-for-number-ones slot for ’07.


See this and Hot Fuzz this weekend and have the best day at the movies you’ve had in a very very long time.

Oh, and, umm..speaking of Die Hard…i’m trying to be optimistic. Really. But isn’t anyone else the slightest bit annoyed that Live Free or Die Hard is rated PG-13?!?

Should i get over it and just accept that it’s not going to be what it should be?

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No Responses to “28 Times Better”

  1. Junky says:

    Imogen Poots?  That is the cutest name.  Though it also sounds like a childhood taunt.  Well I don’t care how bad she poots, she looks worth the stench.  Very cute.  Probably will wait for video on this, but I DID see HOT FUZZ and I really, really loved it.

    NOT as good as Shaun in my opinion – which is not a slam on Hot Fuzz at all.  I just rank Shaun first because not only was it a parody of the genre, it also managed to be a valid entry itself.  For all it’s comedy, it kept you rooted in reality and made you feel emotion, and life-and-death tension.

    Whereas Fuzz comes off SLIGHTLY more like a Mel Brooks parody of a genre.  Granted, the action movie genre is so silly and bigger-than-life, that it’s a hard genre to spoof and also remain gripping.

    But man, what a great ride – fun action, great dialogue, hilarious moments.  thousands of cool moments and in jokes, totally worth seeing on the big screen – so glad cybergosh hounded me with text messages, emails and phone calls before I finally saw it!!!!!

    A must.  Wright can do no wrong.

  2. cybergosh says:

    Mistake = you should really go to see 28 Weeks in the theater as well – i know you don’t frequent the old theaters as much these days, but this is another one that simply CANNOT be watched at home.  Right now i’m getting all excited as I think of the dark climax…the tingles i got down my neck…this is a moment that will no way ever be the same in any place but a darkened theater…and this sequence should be used in the argument that going OUT to the movies is still something unmatched by any other form of seeing a film.  Please try to go.  Or i will have to drag you myself when i’m there next week…

    as for Hot Fuzz…i’m glad you went…although i feel the ooposite – i feel that they are BOTH light parody but both also able to be a valid and awesome entry into their genres.  I think Hot Fuzz has more repeatability – as i feel Shawn, while awesome…has a shifting tone that bothered me ever so slightly.  Like how there were moments…his mother’s demise for example, that were truly sad and needed more room to feel the emotion of that death rather than just keep moving with almost no regard.  However – i feel Wright has set a very consistent and awesomely cool tone with Hot Fuzz…and one that i can’t get enough of.  I love the supporting characters so much more in this one.  While i LOVED Shawn…i could not picture watching it the 20 times i would want to go out and see the Fuzz.  I guess its all subjective.  Like asking someone who their favorite Bond is.  Speaking of…Timothy Dalton!  So awesome to see him back!

  3. junky says:

    “Mistake = you should really go to see 28 Weeks in the theater as well – i know you don’t frequent the old theaters as much these days, but this etc etc etc…”


  4. cybergosh says:


  5. claire redfield says:

    I still feel so beat up from this film.  Def. agree that it needs to be seen on the big screen, though at home I heard you can freeze frame the cabin scene and see Jacob!!!!!!!

    Sorry.  Can’t let it go.  Who is Jacob??????  2110 or bust!