Sorry folks, Spider-Man 3 is a masterpiece


As you know, box office dictates quality.

“Landing on the same early May slot as the original, Spider-Man 3 spun an estimated $148 million on over 10,000 screens at 4,252 locations, the biggest opening weekend and widest release ever.” Read the full story here.

And I am a genius (or at least, my fellow editor Bryan Enk channelling me. I would have said $160M). Click to see my box office predictions to see why.

BTW, I’ll never review the film here, but you can check it out my UGO Spider-Man 3 review with pre-show/post-show expectations or dig into comments here.

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  1. junky says:

    I believe diversity makes the world go round.  It doesn’t have to make spider-sense to me.  Glad you had such a blast, there is likely a kick-ass trilogy box set awaiting placement on your mantle in the near future. 

    Speaking of box sets, I’m still slowly working my way through that amazing Superman box set.  I had to mail away for a replacement copy of Superman 3 but it was worth the wait for the commentary and documentaries.

    Now I stand wearily on the precipice of Superman IV.  Will I actually watch this DVD?  Chances are as likely as me getting on the elliptical machine….

  2. Fat Ass says:

    Yes, of course. And The Phantom Menace and Pirates 2 are masterpieces as well.

  3. Eros Welker says:

    It’s all true!

  4. Cybergosh says:

    Don’t hate on the Menace!

  5. Cybergosh says:

    I had this up in the comment section of my “24 hours until summer” post on May 2…i was hoping everyone would make their predictions in there…

    oh well.

    I was thinking 140 (basing it on on just a little more than what dead man’s chest did last year)

    So now the only question is…

    Will At World’s End top this new 148 benchmark??

    It could be the first 150 million opener…