The 5 BEST Superhero Movies of All Time Are…

In the wake of Spider-Man 3, here are my five favorite superhero movies of all time. Feel free to list yours as well! SUPERHERO movies. V for Vendetta and 300 don’t count.

1. X2: X-Men United – It masterfully juggles an amazing amount of characters while delivering a great story with emotional impact. Some shoddy acting is tough to swallow.
2. Superman: The Movie – Lovely, emotional, inspirational film with a wonky ending.
3. Spider-Man 2 – If only he hadn’t inexcusably lost his powers in the middle, this might have had more of a shot at the top.
4. Batman Returns – I love it. Yep, it’s cheesey. But I love the darkness of it.
5. Batman Begins – When all is said and done, this movie is the best take yet on Batman, but somehow not all that much fun. It’ll be interesting to see what Nolan can do with the Joker and Two-Face and no Katie Holmes.

What’d I miss?

PS: Also loved The Flash and The Incredible Hulk on TV.

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  1. Eros Welker says:

    Oooh.  I love this.  But I think my list is almost exactly the same.  Okay, take her out:

    1. X-2: X-Men United.  I absolutely loved this film, its characters, its acting, its design, its story line, everything!

    2. Batman Begins.  Blew away every expectation I had, and would say it’s a “better” movie than Returns, but I agree, it’s not as fun.

    3. Batman Returns.  See above.  Plus, it’s got Pee Wee!

    4. Spider-Man 2.  As much as I enjoyed Spider-Man 3, I enjoyed the whole “gotta give up Spidey for the girl” plotline in S2 more than “gotta be a bad ass for myself” in S3.

    5. Superman Returns… and only because I haven’t watched it since the theater, and havent even cracked open the Superman boxset.  I really really loved this film when it came out.

    Here’s my top 5 hated btw.

    1. Fantastic Four / 2.  This franchise sucks dick, and I know I’ll hate the sequel from everything I’ve seen of it thus far “wow, that makes me really hot”.  F U Alba

    2. Batman Forever / & Robin.  Horrible horrible movies.  It’s like having Joel Schumacher kick you in the nuts for an hour and a half.

    3. The Phantom.  Who gives a shit?

    4. Darkman.  This may not be considered a superhero movie, but I don’t care.  I hated this movie so much.

    5. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.  A wasted opportunity to exploit Sean Connery.  Plus the comic had the invisible man getting ass raped to death, what a cop-out.

    I’m sure Catwoman would have made the list, but I never saw it.

  2. Bake Snaker says:

    Are you kidding me?

    These are the best…

    Super Fuzz

    New Horizon’s Fantastic Four (1994)

    Hero at Large

    The Punisher w/ Dolff Lundgren

    and of course…


  3. Cybergosh says:

    Batman Returns OWNS!

  4. Cybergosh says:


    The Ultimate 9 in order of release:

    Superman: The Movie, Superman 2 (both cuts), Howard the Duck, Batman, Batman Returns, X2, Hulk, Spider-man 2, Superman Returns.

    Thanks to Eros for pointing out my error and for knowing me.

    No thanks to Burnt, who’s got to be kidding.

    Thanks to Ang Lee for “hulka no swing!” (burnt may be the only one to get that) – most underrated comic book movie of all time.

    Thanks to Junk for thinking of Howard.

    And also – if Flash Gordon and Dick Tracy count, add them to my list and please put Flash as my number one of all time.

  5. Eros Welker says:

    You did not put Batman Begins on your list??  You must have meant Returns.

  6. Burnt Leader says:

    Wow~ Cybergosh wrote BATMAN BEGINS!!!  I kene wit.  He finally crossed over ; )

  7. Not a comic book Junky says:

    1. Superman The Movie – Because it made me believe a man can fly.

    2. Batman Begins – for maintaining darkness but grounding the series.

    3. X-Men (actually tied for two) For raising the bar, after Superman 3 had all but buried it.

    4. Spider-Man 2 – for dynamic action I’d never seen before in the genre, and a decent emotional kick

    5. Batman Returns – For the bat, the cat, and the Penguin.  (Mostly the cat)

    Honorable Mention:

    V for Vendetta – hell yeah, it counts.  If you hadn’t made a rule not to include it, I might have placed it in the #5 spot.  It kind of engrosses me.  Unlike Spider-Man 2, I never get bored of watching it.  Scratch that – make that, LISTENING to it.  I just love the verbosity.

    HOWARD THE FUCKING DUCK, PEOPLE!!!!!!!  Duck on Thompson action!!!!!

  8. Fat Ass says:

    My Worst 5:

    1. (Most Worstest) Daredevil. Piece of shit in every way. This movie actually hurt. #2 could easily be Elektra, but I’ll just tie it in.

    2. The Hulk. I have no idea what you’re smoking, Cybergosh, to put it in a top list. See it again. This movie is a sticky piece of runny turd. Flashbacks within flashbacks??? Hulk dogs? And what the hell was that ending?

    3. Batman Forever. Yes, Batman and Robin is worstester, but this one broke my heart worstest because it was the first to smash the dream that Burton and Keaton had created.

    4. X-Men: The Last Stand. Fourth worstest. Big steaming pile of my dead neighbors’ shit.

    5. Well… let’s see. Superman IV is awful, Fantastic Four sucks donkey poo, Ghost Rider is a flaming ball of cancerous lizard shit, Man Thing was astoundingly fuckinated… but I’m gonna go with Superman III for the same reason I went for Batman Forever. Superman III was the first movie to really, truly break my heart. So I spit hate on that bloody rectum full of month-old hag vomit.

    Nobody mentioned Sin City, I loved that flick. It was just outside my top 5.

  9. Fat Ass says:

    Howard the Duck…

    was fun, silly and a great part of my childhood. And nowhere near good enough for the top 5 or bad enough for the bottom 5.

    Catwoman was a Tijuana-worthy ass raping as well. And the Corman Fantastic Four was laughably bad, while, in many ways, superior to the Fox version.

  10. Cybergosh says:

    Catwoman rules!  Truly the Showgirls of all superhero movies!  Bake was correct in mentioning Hero At Large.  Used to watch that on HBO every day back then.  Oh, and i should take this oppurtunity to mention my love of The Specials and my frustration over Comic Book: The Movie.

  11. Cybergosh says:

    HULK had the most coolest of cool comic book panal style editing.  I could watch my dvd a million times for the scene transitions alone.

    And Sin City.  Duh.  Of course.  Please add it to my list to make me have my complete ten faves of all time.

  12. Junktape says:

    For some reason when Eros said that 300 and V for Vendetta don’t count, I assumed that Sin City didn’t either.  Otherwise that would have been on my list as the first movie that was a living, breathing graphic novel. 

    My worst five:

    Captain America (anyone see?  Frank Langella as Red Skull???)

    Daredevil (insipid)

    Hulk (horrid mind-fuck)

    Batman and Robin (infinitely worse than Forever)

    Fantastic Four (never got past first 40 minutes)

    Middle of the Road:


    (not great, gave me constant wood.  Felt like an ok TV movie)


    (all sound and fury, signafying nothing, yet…. I’d see a sequel)

    Forgot to Mention that I LIKED:


    Sequels sucked.  But the original was a blast.

    Ghost World!!!!

    (Great adaptation, captured mood and character of Clowes)


    (Overall dry, but I had a really good time watching this)