Talledega Nights DVD Commentary


If you haven’t heard the DVD commentary track for Talladega Nights yet..do so immediately. Funny as hell. Ian Roberts (UCB) and Adam McKay are brilliant together. I posted a 3 minute sample on Goear.com to whet your appetite. Listen:


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No Responses to “Talledega Nights DVD Commentary”

  1. Talladega Junky says:

    LOL, great sample.  This blu-Ray dvd came with our PS3.  I never actually watched any of the extras.  Not sure the blu-ray will work in my mac, but I’d love to just rip the audio to an mp3.

    DVD commentaries on ipod are the greatest.  And speaking of reccomendations, pick up the latest release of A FISH CALLED WANDA for the John Cleese commentary.

    Saw they just re-released FLETCH this week, but it doesn’t seem to have any commentary.  I guess Michael Ritchie passed away and Chevy can’t/won’t be reached for comment.  Sigh.