Very quick…before Spidey…a very brief recap of April…

(in the order that i saw them)…

The Reaping – Surprisingly good fun. Zemekis should oversee more films.

Blades of Glory – Still my favorite time at the movies this year.

Planet Terror – Amazing. Three times and still not enough!

Death Proof – Agonizing disappointment.

The Hoax – Never was a big Gere fan…but he is great in this very good film. Molina grows larger with every film. It is as though he is still hiding the tentacles, the idol AND the whip all in a big back pack under his coat.

Firehouse Dog – I always look forward to animal films like this. But Josh Hutcherson ruins his winning streak (Little Manhattan, Zathura, Bridge to Terabithia) with this burn out. When the firehouse dog started taking shits on the table, i was outta there.

Hot Fuzz – Blew my mind and made me regret not experiencing Shaun of the Dead on the big screen. Shame on me for thinking i knew what this would be like. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Hott Fuzz needs to be seen for all who have not yet!

Black Sheep – Saw this at the Tribeca Film Festival last week. While enjoyable, not the all-out explosion of awe i had hoped for from the trailer. Still, while it does fail (due to some poor casting choices)…when it succeeds…like every time we see one of those bad, bad sheep emerging over a New Zealand hilltop and staring down their prey.. .it is undeniable fun.

Mulberry Street – Tribeca was pretty wild this year…one film with people turning into sheep and the next with people turning into rats. This film, very inspired by the tone of 28 Days Later, has some excellent, excellent casting choices and does a really good job at capturing life in lower Manhattan. Despite all this, i drifted in and out emotionally. A well made film, but one i wouldn’t go out of my way to ever watch again. I’d rather watch those menacing sheep!

Next – Honestly, this is a lot better than you’ll ever guess in the story department. There are a lot of cool things you won’t expect in this film. And Cage is, as usual, Cage…which is all i ever want him to be. A huge step back up from the horrendous Ghost Rider. That said, i continue to think Jessica Biel is a nasty, fat-lipped non-talent whom i will never understand the appeal of unless you are gay…and…for some reason, the usually cool Julianne Moore is at her very worst in this. The only explanation can be her not understanding a word that came out of Lee Tamahori’s mouth… “juliran – ok – you gonna acta tough! you tougha girl! ok!? ok. you gonna act now you do the tough ok!”


Bring on Venom!!!…………

By Cybergosh

Fancy Gentleman.