F**K IT, I’m going for it. And you should too.


I’m applying for motherf*cking Sundance. And you should too. It’s easy, it’s quick, you don’t even need a complete script and those f*ckers aren’t better than us.

Applications must be postmarked by May 1. THAT, boys and girls, is TODAY.

Read more and get your fight on.

Go to https://www.sundance.org/ffp/app.aspx and fill out an application. Relatively cheap. Then you have to tell them about yourself and your project, and you only need the first 5 pages of script for the first round. If you advance, they’ll want to see the whole thing on or around August 1. If you’re working on it, that’s plenty of time to finish it, and a great deadline. I’m submitting Writers’ Room so those slobbering indie bastards can choke on my very Hollywood-y take on anti-Hollywoodism.

I believe the trick is to tell them why you want to say what you’re saying, and what it means to you. Unlike Hollywood, I’ve had some success with these stupid contests. If you win, I think you get to go to Utah and work in the Sundance Lab. Eventually, that means dough to produce. Little Miss Sunshine came out of this program, and that was very much a mathematical exercise in structure and character arcs with just an ounce of soul. Oink oink. F*ck that movie.

Shove something of yours in front of those pompous bastards and see if they’re good enough to play your reindeer games. We can all go together and gang rape Robert Redford. He has that purty hair. If you get in and I don’t, I’m simply going to kill you. Nothing to worry yourself about.


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  1. Cybergosh says:

    This is good.  I am excited for you about this…

    You are an inspiration.