I’ve Officially Entered the Digital Age


At long last, I’ve learned how to capture video and distribute it to the unworthy cretins of the Internet. I’m only about five years late.

So this is my student film, Janitor Wars. Filmed on a 16mm non-sync sound camera in 1994, cut and spliced on a moviola and sound mixed from 9 tracks of magnetic tape. In other words, all the technology used to make this lasted for 100 years and then became obsolete as soon as I learned it. All of the animation in the titles was drawn and filmed frame by frame.

Ladies and gentlemen, I did this the HARD way.

I love this movie. And it’s a good example of why I’m a writer, not an editor. Almost every shot is too long. But it’s hard to cut such raw, pure genius.

Level 9 Sorcerer. Former Bard.

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