Stay, Roman, Flower & Snake

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Saw these three DVD’s recently…possible spoilers but I will warn.


Marc Forster’s Stay was one of the worst reviewed films of 2005. It
was panned by almost everybody. So guess what… I liked it.


Yes, there are plenty of problems… much due to the script. It’s
basically a redo of Jacob’s Ladder… has much of the “been there done
that” feel. But I am VERY impressed with Marc’s directing. I hated
“Monster’s Ball”… hated it!! And because of that I haven’t seen a
Marc Forster film since..even though I was told that “Finding
Neverland” is good. But for some reason I netflixed this, actually I
rented it because I wanted to see how bad Marc supposedly screwed up.
But from the first five minutes, I recognized that there was a great
deal of competence here and unlike alot of DVD’s I’ve rented
recently..I sat down and watched the film from beginning to end.

First off, the film is very effects heavy… with very nice
transitions and visual tricks. The transitions are very important to
this the entire film a very dream-like quality. You
should def check it out for that. Cinematography is very nice. Maybe
a little too stylized for my tastes but I appreciate the effort and
seriousness he went it to the film with.

Ryan Gosling is very good… Ewan is so so. Naomi is a hot lil waif. Thank god waifs are accepted again. So anyway, thumbs up to Marc..good job.

“Flower & Snake.” Read about this in Asian Cult Cinema..very good publication.  A sequel was made in 2005 and will be released shortly on DVD. Â

Guys, I’m not in to S&M… but my dear god..this has to be one of the most erotic..if not THE MOST EROTIC film I’ve ever seen.  It’s too bad that this was shot in the early days of HD because the video feel cheapens
it and basically makes the film soft core fare.  But that aside, the lead, Aya Sugimoto, shoots to the top of my list as one of the most sensuous women alive.Â


I can not believe that Netflix actually carries this film…can’t believe they didn’t get complaints about it. But then again, alot of films have real sex now (Brown Bunny, a million French films, etc) ..and this does not. Â


But this must be seen… and warning…if you have a significant other who may be sensitive to their partner watching this sort of stuff… see it alone.

Roman. Some web-sites announced that this is the new Lucky McGee film
implying that he directed it.  That’s why I rented it.  He did not.
He wrote and starred in it.  It is actually directed by a very
talented actress…Angela Bettis.  She is the star of the film “May,”
Lucky’s first film..a film definitely worth renting.

Story of a lonesome, disturbed individual living in a cheap hotel in
LA.  Not a spoiler because it happens near beginning.  He accidentally
kills the girl, and covers it up.  New girl comes in to his life and
he tries to have a normal relationship while this murder hangs over


So, basically… this is ultra low budget.  Shot on DV and it looks
horrendous.  So low budget that the cops look like the fillmmakers
friends in costumes… nothing is very authentic feeling.  I honestly
started scanning because there just isn’t enough here to warrant 90
minutes of my time.  I don’t recommend it.