Amazing insights on acting and comedy. Frank, personal and extremely intimate interviews.


Plus 23 of the best episodes of one of the best television shows ever made. Truly the best extras on any DVD I’ve ever seen.


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  1. Eros Welker says:

    So they’ll never release it in seasons?  I’ve still got my season 1 in the shrinkwrap as I don’t watch to start watching until I know I can get ‘em all!

  2. Junktape says:

    That’s some crazy thinkin.  Buy this dvd.  I doubt they will release other seasons unless this sells well.  Totally worth getting, cant say it enuff.

  3. cybergosh says:

    i agree.  best dvd extras ever.  don’t think of this as a ‘best of”.  think of this as a dvd of awesome extras.  not just of the deleted scenes and outtakes variety.  it has current personal visits by garry to the former guest stars. amazing stuff.  i had to watch the sharon stone visit twice.  she says the best line about marriage i have ever heard.  very true stuff.