“I Know What I Like” – Deathstalker 2 Music Video

One of my favorite movies of all time is Deathstalker 2. I don’t know why, I just love the cheesiness of it, the whimsical Indy-esque nature of John Terlesky’s Deathstalker, and the acting range/sexiness of Monique Gabrielle (hey, she plays two parts – I don’t know which one I love more!). So in my second outing ever making a music video, and probably a day or two after the Flash Gordon tribute, I opted for this one.. and for some inexplicable reason, set it to Huey Lewis’s “I Know What I Like.” The song goes on forever…but the legacy lives on!

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  1. junky says:

    We used to say this guy looked like 70s era Dan Aykroyd.  This video brings back a lot of memories for me – it was always one of my faves cuz of the content, but it has a lot less rhythmic cutting than your other videos.  More than the others this was a lot of experimentation in simply the button-pausing-pushing process of deck-to-deck editing. 

    There are still some good shots cut in, like the guy on fire with the drum beats, etc… But often clips run in sequence against the music without

    Who could forget Monique Gabrielle?  She pre-dated that blonde in Xena by nearly a decade, did she not?  Good humored, sexy heroine.  This movie was very tongue in cheek.

    YOU DID NOT MENTION THE DIRECTOR – was this not the work of Jim Wynorski who also gave us EVIL TOONS, MUNCHIE, TRANSYLVANIA TWIST and my all-time favorite—CHOPPING MALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This guy rocked.  I loved all his movies.  Great B-movie stuff they just don’t do anymore.  Bad comedy mixed with bad sex and bad violence, yet it all had an underdog charm to it.

    Now they’re called A-list movies, only the underdog charm is sorely missing.  These were the days of late-night cable movies, the drive-in theatre of the 50s became the sit-in theatre of the 80s.  An entire generation raised to watch movies on couches (which is why now everyone talks during a movie.)

    ah, nostalgia.

    SHAME THE LAST LINE WAS CUT OFF – “I rob from the rich and pretty much keep it.”

  2. Eros Welker says:

    What do you mean? He likes when things go fast, and you see something going fast???

    I’m kidding, yeah, this is “junky” in the bad of ways, but more for nostalgia purposes.  And yes, I almost wrote that he was Aykroyd-ish, but wanted you to be able to add that two cents.

    Don’t forget CHUCK CIRINO, I think that was his name, the guy who did the score to DeathStalker 2 (as well as Evil Toons and the lot) which I loved probably because it sounded a lot like the keyboard I had at the time.