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  1. cybergosh says:

    I guess i should have posted this as a main story…i put it in the comments section of my review.

    An interesting idea…

    although i think Harvey should wait a little longer before he splits ‘em up.

    But it would be cool to see the missing reels.  QT did shoot his (clip of the lapdance is in the trailer!)..not sure about RR’s,,,that one seems more like a calculated gag.

  2. Eros Welker says:

    Oh god, so Death Proof gets LONGER?  At least it gets a little hotter, despite me not finding that chick all that attractive.

    I think the biggest problem with this film is that people reviewed the Tarantino movie without actually watching it, because anyone that has actually seen it wouldn’t recommend it to other people.  Fuck people.

  3. Eros Welker says:

    I just read something on the IMDB movie news that I won’t link to where:

    1) they propose that because people leave the theater before the 2nd movie starts, that must have an effect on ticket sales [bullshit]

    2) “Critics unanimously agreed that the second movie, Tarantino’s Death Proof, was the superior of the two.”—that FUCKING ENRAGES ME!!!!!!

    Am I crazy?!?!?!  Or is this all old boring men and women that are reviewing this movie?

  4. cybergosh says:

    If you browse through the endless annoying aicn talkbacks…most peeps realize PT is the better of the two.  ALthough it is kind of crazy to see the wars going on about which is better.

    The question is…will releaseing them separate with those missing reels make any diff?  i mean, they could squeeze a little more money out of them, since most who were there for that thursday show will go back…but, that’s really only about 10 more million.  I don’t think anyone will really go who hasn’t decided to go yet.

    If anything, it’s fucking over the people like junktape, who would want to go to this but doesn’t get the chance to go on opening week.

    Now those types will be TURNED OFF to going at all if they have to pay twice to something that they could have seen for half the price.

    Which is why i think Harvey has to chill out, relax, and wait 6 months to do the split.

  5. bake snaker says:

    the more I think about QT’s film, the more I love it!!!  just kidding, it’s the worst piece of shit ever! 

    But I bet it will do better split because I think that the reason this bombed is because there aren’t enough cult film fans out there.  I actually ran to see this film because I’m a cinefile and loved the genre films from the 70’s and 80’s…. not because I’m a QT fan.  I don’t think that QT fans see this as a QT film… they see it as a silly zombie movie that QT did some work on.. so older or more “sophisticated” fans of QT weren’t running to see this film.  For example, my parents have seen every QT film and would NEVER see this film.