SAD NEWS – Director BOB CLARK DIES!!,0,6240856.story

from (sad) BURNT!!

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  1. Eros Welker says:

    I never liked A Christmas Story, but I did love Baby Geniuses.  So this is a sad story.

  2. bake snaker says:

    He was working on a remake of “Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things.” My review is on here somewhere.

  3. BC Junky says:

    Not loving a Christmas Story is like not liking oreo cookies or God’s America.  But we all have differences.

    I will remember Bob Clark most for always being in our hamster cage in the 1721 dorm at Hayden Hall in NYU.  We used the poster for “Loose Cannons,” as the backdrop in the cage.  Cuz that’s what it was good for.

    Anyway, I adored this man’s movies.  It’s a great loss.  Why couldn’t they have taken Michael Bay instead.

    I suspect foul play – someone see if the Bumpasses’ dogs have an alibi.