“Back in Time” – Back to the Future Tribute Video


What we’re gonna do right here is go back… thanks to this amazing Back to the Future tribute video set to Huey Lewis’ “Back in Time.” Our old pal, Junktape, delivers the goods once again highlighting key scenes from all three Back to the Future movies in this classic music video.

6 Responses

  1. BTTFJunky says:

    Not sure if anyone watched the other videos posted here on EG, but this was the latest in a trend of videos I edited in college.  This was made by recording the music on VHS over a black video track, and then pain-stakingly “video dubbing” each clip in sequence from the LASERDISC of each movie, one cut at a time.  They were recorded onto a flying-erase head VHS deck belonging to Cybergosh.

    There is another BTTF video on YouTube and while I wanna be supportive of anyone who takes the time to do something like this – I gotta say, I think mine pinches a loaf all over his.  wink

    I mean, come on – the blinking lights on the top of “Biff’s Pleasure Palace” are in sync to the music, for God’s sake.

  2. Eros Welker says:

    I love this video, and all of the awesome sync’d cuts.  I also love that it kind of tells a story without being COMPLETELY literal.  Like, a lot of times in music videos, the lyric is “and i go wash my car and eat a donut” and the cuts are some dude washing his car than rapidly cutting to a woman eating a donut, and, in my opinion, that kinda sucks.  I’d rather sacrifice some of the context for a better-paced and cleverer (?) approach.

    You Junky, you deliver as always.  I’ve also got Ford Fairlane on deck for you, and my first foray into this world with Flash Gordon, and my tribute to Deathstalker 2, neither of which are very good but should get a laugh or two.

  3. Space Ace Kimmy says:

    oh no! what unfortunate timing!

    “After a number of rumored closure dates have come and gone, Universal Orlando has finally decided to call it quits and made it official:  March 30, 2007 will be the very last day that Back to the Future…The Ride will be open for time travel.”


  4. bombella says:

    Junktape, I heart you.  This vid was sooooo super awesome. The syncing, the “I just want to play guitar and sing” … everything. Fun fun fun.  That sums it up.  Thanks!  PS.  My high school yearbook senior quote was “Life is what you make it.  So make it yours” I never knew how similar that was to ol’ Doc Brown’s words of wisdom!

  5. BTTF junky says:

    Thank you!!!  These videos took so much time, I remember each cut intimately.  As I watch it now, there are a dozen corrections, additions and tweaks I would make – and yet I still love it as much as the first time.  These movies meant so much to me, especially the first one.  BTTF was literally the first movie that made me interested in stories and films.  It was the first movie I saw more than once (about 10 times) and I loved it so much that my friend Phil and I typed our own script version and put it on as an 8th Grade Play in front of our entire school (I was Marty, he was Doc).

    The fact that Universal is taking down the BTTF ride is the saddest thing I’ve ever heard.  I do believe I may never go back there ever again.

  6. Cybergosh says:

    Those lights in sync with the notes are, in my opionion, the greatest thing you have ever done.  If anyone out there can appreciate what that took to sync to the audio track already laid down…the trial and error…counting mississppi’s…knowing how much lag time the remote control took from pressing the record button to actually strating to record….it’s quite a feat.  This is the reason i took so long back in the day to finish SHADES.  These days, there is no excuse.  But back then…this frustrating process was the reason.  Amazing video.  A million times better than the other one – although it’s funny that someone had the same instinct to do this as well!