Who Wants To Be A Cylon?


As Battlestar Galactica’s most recent crappy season comes to a close, our friends at UGO posed the question — which one (or four) of these folks are going to be “revealed” as Cylons? Go check out the feature and vote yourself at Battlestar Galactica Who’s A Cylon? While I don’t know spoilers, and know they’re out there, I have heard that this finale will reveal a lot, turn things on its head and be satisfying (if not definitive about some new Cylons). While not an option in the feature, my money’s on the Battlestar itself being a Cylon.

Just to be different.

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  1. Junktape says:

    I tried to play the Gaius Baltar “Am I lying” game.  After an awesome introduction I clicked on the image and got the first question.  When I clicked on “he’s telling the truth” nothing happened.  So I clicked on “correct” and was taken to another window that never loaded.

    So I love ya, but here’s where I close the browser.wink

    I like the interactive video but I think the flash needs some work to make it not feel so much like a choose-your-own-adventure.  I do think this is great stuff to play with if you are stuck in an office cubicle all day, though.

    I really think it’d be fun to have some interactive cartoons or DV movies with alternate scenes and endings to play with…

    Or maybe let viewers make their own custom movies using elements (and clips of stars like Callis and Weird Al)

    For instance – you could shoot Callis, Al, and other peeps who do junkets in front of green screen, have them say a list of 20 quick phrases, then cut off their heads in post.

    Then run a flash cartoon that lets the viewer put different actors heads on cartoon bodies and say the different phrases.  Do this with enough cool and interesting combinations and basically you’ve got an interactive cartoon version of MAD LIBS starring your favorite celebrities.

    And be sure to pay me for this idea.




    LOVED the last episode of battlestar.  I was literally waiting ALL SEASON for a show like that.  Cannot wait for this sunday!