TMNT COOL (And Other BV’s)


Okay – i’m not going to be too hard on Eros’ review. I see his points. But he is waaaaaaay over exaggerating in labeling this “crap.” I Think I Love My Wife is CRAP. TMNT…is it as great as you’d like it to be? No. But not “crap”…far, far from it. Actually – it IS one of the visually coolest films to come along in some time. CGI or otherwise.

I really liked the style of this. There are times you almost forget it’s NOT live action. And it has a plot to boot! I really liked how this fell in place with the whole Turtles mythology. In fact, the weakest point of this film is the voice cast. Aside from Leonardo, the Turtles are difficult to like. It would have been wise for them to just get Corey and the gang all back. April is HOT. Her voice is okay, until that fantasy was destroyed for me when i was reminded by the end credits that it was the Geller. Something i forgot while undressing her with my eyes for the previous ninety minutes. It was like the feeling you’d get if you somehow found out what the hot eighteen year old blonde you just had phone sex with REALLY looked like. Anyway, bottom line is, if you have ever enjoyed a Turtles movie, you should go check out the Turtle Power this weekend. Tokka and Rahzar would be proud.

I Think I Love My Wife
Like i said, this was an insult. Not the slightest bit funny once. It was like being forced to watch some friend of a friends bad film. I made it an hour and twenty into this, and with only fifteen minutes left, i decided that i wanted this film to be in the rare category of films i walked out of. So i took fifteen minutes of my life back from Rock and went in the bathroom and shat instead. It just may have been one of the most satisfying shits of my life.

Reign Over Me
I was so frustrated walking into this, my third film of the day, that i was only prepared to give it about a half hour before i would storm right out and rush home to get on EG and rant about how much of an embarrassment it was. I am happy to be here two hours later to say nothing can be further from the truth. Aside from Punch Drunk Love, this is the Sandler’s finest performance. This is one of those films that the trailer cannot do justice to. Everything that seemed potentially corny in the preview worked in the context of this surprisingly touching film. None of the humorous moments feel forced. It has a nice flow. Even the dreaded Jada Pinkett Smith is…okay i can’t really say she’s good…but… tolerable. And last but not least, the apartment building that Sandler’s character lives in is none other than the Nickalau’s Brownstone (Crazy Ol’ Murial’s house in Roland!). This one is a strong dot. Very unexpected. My favorite Sandler in a long, long time.

I enjoyed Nightwatch a lot.

This looks just as good…


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  1. Junktape says:

    I’m past the point in my life where I’m going to go see a turtles movie, I think.  Unless they made one with a dark tone, of course.

    Only you could find Sarah Michelle Gellar a disappointment as an 18-year old blonde.  Seriously, you are one fracked little man.  Sarah as April O’Neil is the only thing either you or Eros has mentioned so far that has made me want to consider seeing this movie.

    So disappointed in Chris Rock’s movie career.  He’s smarter and funnier than most comics out there, why does he keep making bad movies?  Especially when he has so much control over them?  It’s a real shame.  I thought this movie might have some potential.  Sorry to hear it was so bad.

    Reign over Me – so intrigued by this.  Really like the trailers.  Am aware it could easily be a maniupulative piece of melodrama, but it looks good to me, glad to hear you liked it.  Finally it seems like someone made a 9/11 movie that isn’t about 9/11, which is complelling to me.  Seems much more to simply a movie about someone losing their entire world and needing to rebuild it, with 9/11 as the background and a metaphor of the theme.  I can dig it.  And I can dig Sandler in drama.  He’s proven with Punch Drunk (and even MORE so with Spanglish, which I fucking loved) that he’s got a lot more going on than producing bad movies for his pals to star in.

    This is the one that will get my butt in a theater this week.

  2. Cybergosh says:

    I’m sorry to hear that.  I think you would enjoy it the same way i did.  There is a surprisingly good plot to this.  It’s worth you time.  Perhaps sneak in after Reign with the option of walking out if it’s not workin’ for ya…

  3. Cybergosh says:

    Tokka and Rahzar would be proud!!!!

    PS – i just found out that they are BOTH voiced by an uncredited Welker smile

    Of course they are.  We should have known.  We should have known.

  4. bake snaker says:

    got Day Watch if anyone wants