Probably the greatest site you will ever visit



Seriously, I’m not lying. EVERYONE will love this.

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  1. god junky says:

    LOL, very funny—great idea.  I’ve been hearing so much about God of War.  Maybe I will pick up the original xbox game.  Gamefly does not seem to have it, which is odd.  I assume its pretty cheap for the original xbox since they made a sequel.  I thought I played this game and didnt like it but it must have been something else with “God” in the title.  Xplay did a special on the two games and gave them top ratings.  The clips looked incredible so perhaps I just haven’t given God of War it’s due.


    MUSHROOM KINGDOM HEARTS!  Now Dan has to buy a Wii!

  2. Eros Welker says:

    I think you did play it.  God of War is only for PlayStation 2, right now, and I think you played it for a while, but didn’t like it.

    It’s an AMAZING game, so you’re crazy.

  3. pizzatime says:

    you have to hear this – there’s EASTER EGGS on this site! double click on the CHARACTERS button and you’ll see. I found it by accident and it’s well worth the extra little effort!