Overtime – Short film

Forced to work an all-nighter, a young man deals with paperwork… and demons!

I’m actually kinda proud of the way Overtime turned out, so please watch if you get the chance.

Shot over two nights, approximately 3-4 hours a night, plus one morning shoot for about an hour, Overtime was created for Bryan Enk’s Sinister Six film festival. Special thanks to Chris Radtke, for making the cameo happen and a FANTASTIC performance to boot, Tod Emko as the sales guy/demonic presence with a heart of gold, Brian Jacks (in a, regrettably, unnecessary) role as the guy over the wall, and most especially, Adam Swiderski as Adam, who is so magnificent at anything and everything he does.

In total, the budget was about $97.00, all of it purchased at the Halloween Adventure store the day before shooting and not all of it used (I have a great iron hook on a chain that unfortunately didn’t have a place). More comments to come.

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